Museum Tour II - Christmas Series by Bing & Grondahl

For more than a century, Bing and Grondahl have produced a line of collectible Christmas plates. In 1895, Bing and Grondahl released their first annual Christmas plate, entitled Behind the Frozen Window. The Replacements, Ltd. Museum showcases one of these rare first productions of the Christmas plate, imaged below.

In 1895, one could buy a Bing and Grondahl Christmas plate for $0.50. Today, Behind the Frozen Window retails for more than $8,000. The plate was designed for the Bing and Grondahl Company by master artist, Frans August Hallin. Since the issuance of Behind the Frozen Window, production of the Bing and Grondahl’s annual Christmas plate has gone on uninterrupted.

Bing and Grondahl first opened in 1853. Frederick Vilhelm Grondahl, a young artist and sculptor, partnered with M.H. and J.H. Bing. The Bing brothers were successful businessmen in the city of Copenhagen. If you are interested in learning more about the history of this amazing company, then please click here. You can click here to see a list of all of the Bing and Grondahl annual Christmas plates that Replacements, Ltd. offers for sale.

1895 "Behind the Frozen Window" Christmas Plate by Bing & Grondahl