Museum Tour - Tiffin's "Pheasants"

In 1888, the Tiffin Glass Co. originated as part of A. J. Beatty and Sons in Tiffin, OH. A. J. Betty and Sons merged with the US Glass Co. in 1892. US Glass acquired 18 plants throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, and West Virginia. Originally, Tiffin produced heavy stemware and barware. The Tiffin Co. was a very successful firm. By the time of the Great Depression, the company was producing twice as much as their competitors, Cambridge and Heisey.

The Tiffin Co. began producing glass figurines in 1945. In addition to producing hand-blown figurines, Tiffin also produced figurines by a pressed method. One of Tiffin’s most sought after figurines is the "Pheasant". The Tiffin Co. produced both a male and female figurine. The male pheasant is always shown with his tail up, while the female is shown with her tail down. The Tiffin Co. produced their glass figurines in a number of colors including “Tiffin Twilight” and “Copen Blue.” The Pheasants shown here are appraised at $1,500 to $2,000 for the pair.

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Tiffin's Pheasants