Museum Tour II - Charter Oak Tea Set by International

Our museum showcases a number of unique and interesting hollowware pieces. Among them is the “Charter Oak” tea service made by International Silver Company. This beautiful tea service features a tea pot, coffee pot, water kettle, sugar, creamer, and waste bowl. International Silver released the “Charter Oak” tea service in 1906 to accompany its popular “Charter Oak” silverware.

“Charter Oak” was the term used by early American settlers to distinguish boundaries on property. When a settler first cleared a lot to claim as his own, he would plant an oak tree on each corner of the property. As the oak trees grew, they become known as “charter oaks.” International Silver Company captured the beauty of the oak tree by adorning each piece in the silver service with acorns. The entire service is hand-chased and reflects the ornate luxury of Victorian silver craft.

International Silver started as a combination of fourteen of America’s greatest silver manufacturers. The American northeast was home to many companies that, over time, developed a reputation for producing quality sterling, silverplate, and stainless dinnerware. During the Colonial period, each of the flatware manufacturers settled in the American northeast, predominantly in Connecticut. Click here, if you are interested in learning more about the history of International Silver Company. If you would like to see a list of pieces that Replacements, Ltd. offers for sale in the “Charter Oak” pattern, then you can start here.

Charter Oak Sterling Set by International