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We're very excited to present you with this edition of our redesigned newsletter! This month, we're talking about our favorite holiday patterns, taking a closer look at the iconic "Christmas Tree" pattern by Spode, spotlighting one of the many "families within a family" that work with us here at Replacements, and much more.

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With the holidays fast approaching, it's time to pull out our treasured seasonal patterns in anticipation of big gatherings with family and friends (and huge meals to match!). "Christmas Tree" by Spode is one of the world's most recognizable and popular holiday patterns; if isn't part of your seasonal table, chances are you've seen it on someone else's. Featuring THE classic decorated Christmas tree center, there is only one Spode "Christmas Tree."

"Christmas Tree" is our top-selling pattern, and it's easy to see why. The pattern was designed in 1938 by Harold Holdway for Spode's North American counterpart, Copeland & Thompson. Having never seen an actual Christmas tree decorated in the American style, Holdway had to get creative. His original sketch included Christmas presents hanging from the tree's limbs, like ornaments. After being told the presents are placed under the tree, and he revised his sketch to reflect the change.

Holdway did manage to leave one unique touch in his design: he didn't realize that most Americans used either angels or stars as tree toppers, so he placed a figure of Santa Claus on top of his tree design. This unique element worried some of Holdway's American colleagues, but they commissioned the pattern anyway. It's a good thing they did - "Christmas Tree" became an immediate hit, and maintains its status as one of the most successful holiday patterns in dinnerware history!

'Tis the season for festive tableware! We're spotlighting our top ten favorite holiday patterns. Although all these patterns are tremendously popular and look beautiful on every holiday table, perhaps the best thing about these treasured designs is their ability to evoke memories of special meals shared with friends and family. Here's to making great memories with these patterns for years to come!

Spode Christmas Tree

As we mentioned above, "Christmas Tree" by Spode is one of the most popular holiday patterns. Whether serving your favorite holiday treats and meals at parties and dinners, or leaving a Santa-sized helping of cookies by the tree, "Christmas Tree" is sure to delight holiday after holiday.

Lenox Holiday

Introduced in 1974, Lenox "Holiday" has become a mainstay of many yuletide tables and decorations. This pattern is crafted in the world-famous Lenox cream-colored porcelain, with festive green holly designs and iridescent red holly berries. This is a truly elegant pattern that looks stunning on every holiday table.

Fitz & Floyd St. Nicholas

Fitz & Floyd first produced the beautiful "St. Nicholas" pattern in 1980, and it became an instant holiday classic. Featuring elegant gold trim and a delightful garland of Christmas greenery, ornaments, and candy canes, "St. Nicholas" creates a holiday table that is festive and fun.

 Nikko Happy Holidays

"Happy Holidays" by Nikko is another one of our most popular Christmas patterns, and with good reason! With a design that's both festive and flexible, "Happy Holidays" can be used to set a formal holiday dinner or be used to serve brunch or dessert at casual holiday get-togethers.

Spode Christmas Rose

Nothing says "Victorian elegance" quite like Spode "Christmas Rose," a traditional holiday pattern that is as stylish, elegant, and sophisticated today as it was when it was first produced in 1890. The distinctive design was first featured on a pudding dish, and proved so popular that it was later applied to other pieces to create a complete dinnerware service.

Nikko Christmastime

Introduced in 1991, "Christmastime" by Nikko features a traditional Christmas tree accented with a variety of festive ornaments and decoratively wrapped gifts. "Christmastime" is especially durable, so you can use it as everyday china throughout the holiday season.

Royal Worcester Holly Ribbons

Featuring iridescent holly berries, red ribbon entwined with deep green holly leaves and mistletoe, and gold trim, "Holly Ribbons" by Royal Worcester is an exquisite pattern that represents the essence of the holiday season. Paired with your favorite crystal and flatware, "Holly Ribbons" sets a marvelous and memorable holiday table.

Bernardaud Grenadiers

"Grenadiers" by Bernardaud features candle-adorned Christmas trees that alternate with the vivid, red-clad grenadiers on the rim. Throw in a garland of holly and berries around the rim and you've got a pattern that's just plain holiday fun!

Waechtersbach Christmas Tree

"Christmas Tree" by Waechtersbach is an eye-catching European take on a traditional holiday theme. This stylish pattern is glazed in brilliant red, and features a fun Christmas tree trimmed in white candles, balls, and stars. Waechtersbach is known for their innovative glazing methods and boldly designed patterns, and "Christmas Tree" is certainly no exception!

Lenox Winter Greetings

Lenox "Winter Greetings" is a holiday delight! This beautiful pattern features a variety of wintertime backyard birds - the nuthatch, chickadee, and cardinal - perched on holiday greenery festooned with red ribbon. Accent plates include the downy woodpecker, cedar waxwing, goldfinch, and more.

1. Service Plate - Christmas in Your Heart by Versace for Rosenthal 2. Cup & Saucer - Golden Ivy by Wedgwood  3. Goblet - Golden Lismore (Tall) by Waterford 4. Flatware - King Richard by Towle 5. Dinner Plate - Hemingway by Noritake 6. Cream Soup and Saucer - Tonquin-Red by Wedgwood  7. Bread & Butter - Whitehall by Wedgwood 8. Champage Flute -   Golden Lismore (Tall) by Waterford 9. Salad Plate - Christmas in Your Heart by Versace for Rosenthal

This opulent and dazzling holiday place setting was hand-picked by Julie Robbins, Replacements' lead designer. "I like the mix of the new Versace with the old Wedgwood and the not-yet-vintage Noritake," Julie said. "The crystal is a version of a popular pattern with a little extra glam, and the flatware is an over-the-top pattern that can stand up to the bold colors of the place setting."

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We think of ourselves as one big family here at Replacements, because we all share a common goal of connecting people with their most cherished memories. But our larger Replacements family also includes many employees who are actually related! In this new feature, we're spotlighting just one of the many "families within a family" who work here.

Cora Miller's journey to Replacements, Ltd. begins in 1997, when she was working as a teller in a local bank. One day, one of Cora's regular customers told her about a job fair at Replacements. "The next thing I know, I'm working in the retail store!" Cora said. Cora has been here ever since - almost 18 years - and currently works in our curating department. She's also joined here by her aunt, three sisters, and two brothers!

In 1993, Cora became the first of her family to move to the U.S. from the Philippines. "I was 21 when I moved here - so now I've lived here one year longer than I lived in the Philippines," Cora said. After being at Replacements for only a short time, Cora was asked if she knew anyone who might be interested in working here. "We were so busy, and I was asked 'do you have any family members that might want to work here? We need more people like you!'" Cora said. At the time, Cora's only relative in the states was her aunt, Nena. "One day I told Nena, 'Let's go see where I work'... she didn't realize I was setting her up for an informal interview! And now she's been working here for 17 years," Cora said.

Later, Cora convinced her parents move to the U.S., and they started petitioning Cora's brothers and sisters to come over too. "My sister Theresa was the next one to start working at Replacements. I convinced her to apply because the benefits are great, and it's close to home."

When Cora's sister, Eva, applied for a job here after Theresa was hired, she did so with some hesitation. "Eva said to me 'Are you sure I should work there? There's going to be too many of us!'" Cora said. After Eva arrived, next came Cora's sister Precilla, and two of Cora's brothers, Ovido and Manuel. "When they were making the family tree mural, I said 'You know you're going to have to paint a separate tree for us, or have a bigger limb on this one!'" Cora said. "In a way it's almost like our second home. We actually see more of each other at Replacements than anywhere else!"

When asked why she thinks so many of her family members were drawn to Replacements, Cora said, "The atmosphere here is really inclusive - you don't feel out of place, because there's such a diverse group of people working here that being different is not a big deal. So you feel very comfortable."

That comfortable feeling of having a place where you belong? That sounds a lot like family.

We'd like to close this newsletter by wishing you the happiest of holidays this year - thank you, as always, for being our customer!