Crystal Piece Types

Register with us to receive free inventory availability/price listings with measurements. Cups are measured top to bottom and plates and serving pieces are measured by diameter. (Sizes and shapes will vary between patterns and manufacturers.)

  • Fluted Champagne
    Our Piece Code: SFL
    Fluted champagne glasses are a relatively new stem. Its popularity soared during the 1960’s and 1970’s. The tall bowl is perfect for helping champagne retain its natural fizz.

  • Juice (Flat)
    Our Piece Code: JFL

    Flat juice glasses feature a smooth bottom that does not have a foot or stem. The pieces are used to serve smaller quantities of juice.

  • Juice (Footed)
    Our Piece Code: J
    Footed juice glasses like the flat juice glass, are generally used to serve smaller portions of juice. Footed juice glasses generally feature a short stem and a small foot.

  • Liquor Cocktail
    Our Piece Code: LC
    Liquor cocktails are small stemmed glasses used to serve cocktails that are predominately liquor. Because of the small bowl, these pieces are not often used to serve drinks that are made from large amounts of mixer.

  • Oyster Cocktail
    Our Piece Code: OC
    Oyster Cocktails resemble the sherbet/champagne glass and feature a shallow bowl and short stem. The oyster cocktail is used for oyster shooters and can be used for serving sauces.

  • Parfait
    Our Piece Code: PAR
    Parfaits are great for serving layered desserts, including layered ice cream sundaes and mousse. The tall bowl requires a long spoon.

  • Sherry
    Our Piece Code: CSY
    Sherry glasses are used to serve sherry, layered shooters, and port wines. This piece comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

  • Tumbler (Flat)
    Our Piece Code: CTUM
    Flat tumblers like footed tumblers, can be used to serve a variety of fruit juices, teas, and chilled drinks. Unlike the footed tumbler, this piece does not feature a foot or a stem.

  • Tumbler (Footed)
    Our Piece Code: TFT
    Footed tumblers feature a stem and a small foot. This piece can be used to serve fruit juices, teas, soft drinks, and other chilled beverages.

  • Wine Hock
    Our Piece Code: WHOC
    Wine hocks feature a tall stem and are used to serve wines that are produced along the Rhine River in Germany.