Crystal Piece Types

Register with us to receive free inventory availability/price listings with measurements. Cups are measured top to bottom and plates and serving pieces are measured by diameter. (Sizes and shapes will vary between patterns and manufacturers.)

  • Creamer
    Our Piece Code: CCR
    Creamers are used for serving cream and flavored syrups for cups of coffee and tea. These pieces are a great addition to your tableware, dessert, or tea service.

  • Cup & Saucer
    Our Piece Code: CCS
    Cup & saucers are are typically used for serving tea or coffee. The height and the style of the cup varies greatly from one manufacturer to another.

  • Fruit Bowl
    Our Piece Code: CFR
    Fruit Bowls are generally 4" to 6” in diameter and can be used to serve individual portions of fruit, nuts, and ice cream.

  • Pitcher
    Our Piece Code: CPIT
    Pitchers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The pitcher is great for serving water, iced tea, and other frozen and iced beverages.

  • Relish or Celery
    Our Piece Code: CREL
    Relish or celery trays are used to serve savory condiments or appetizers, such as chutney, pickles, or olives.

  • Salt & Pepper Set
    Our Piece Code: SAP
    Salt & pepper sets also come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Many people collect these unique serving pieces. Generally, the salt shaker has fewer holes than a pepper shaker.

  • Sugar Bowl
    Our Piece Code: CSUWL
    Sugar bowls are used for serving sugar and sweeteners.

  • Torte Plate
    Our Piece Code: CTOP
    Torte plates are used to serve torte desserts and cakes. Torte cakes are made with very little flour and are garnished with nuts. These cakes are generally very rich and dense.