Flatware Piece Types

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  • Aspic Server
    Our Piece Code: APS
    (8-9” in length)
    Aspic servers are used to serve aspic, a clear tasteful jelly that is made from broth. Generally, aspic is used to accent the serving of meat. Aspic is a lot like cranberry sauce. The aspic server is curved and sharp for the cutting and serving of aspic.

  • Baby Fork
    Our Piece Code: BF
    (4-5” in length)
    Baby forks are used for serving food to babies or very small children who are able to hold and use their own utensils.

  • Baby Spoon
    Our Piece Code: BS
    (4-5” in length)
    Baby spoons are used in combination with baby forks. The size enables a small child to hold his or her own utensils.

  • Bacon Fork
    Our Piece Code: BACF
    (6-8” in length)
    Bacon forks have short tines for serving pieces of bacon.

  • Baked Potato Fork
    Our Piece Code: FBP
    (8-10” in length)
    Baked potato forks are used for lifting and serving baked potatoes.

  • Bar Knife
    Our Piece Code: BARK
    (8-9” in length)
    Bar Knives have multiple purposes in that they can be used as bottle openers, used to slice fruit, and the forked prongs allow for serving pieces of fruit.

  • Bonbon Spoon, Solid
    Our Piece Code: BONS
    (6-7” in length)
    Solid bonbon spoons are used for serving bonbons. Generally, the bonbon scoop has a shell bowl, whereas the bonbon spoon has a spoon-shaped bowl.

  • Bon Bon Spoon, Pierced
    Our Piece Code: BONS
    (6-7” in length)
    Pierced bonbon spoons are used to scoop and serve bonbons. Unlike the solid bonbon spoon, this piece is pierced.

  • Bone Holder
    Our Piece Code: BH
    Bone holders are unique pieces used to hold a piece of meat, like a ham, that has a large bone center. After the meat has been pierced, the clamp is tightened. This allows for the person holding the meat to easily cut the item using a knife.

  • Bread Knife
    Our Piece Code: BRK
    (9-10” in length)
    Bread knives generally have long blades with sharp serrated edges. The piece is used for slicing various breads.