Flatware Piece Types

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  • Butter Pick, 1-Tine
    Our Piece Code: BUTP1
    (5-6” in length)
    Butter picks have a spiraled end and are used for lifting a pat of butter. Butter picks are most often used with the china piece type known as a butter pat.

  • Butter Pick, 2-Tine
    Our Piece Code: BUTP
    (5-6” in length)
    Two pronged (tine) butter picks like their single pronged counterparts, are used for lifting and serving butter from a butter pat.

  • Butter Spreader - Flat Handle
    Our Piece Code: BFH
    (5-6” in length)
    Flat handle butter spreaders are used for spreading butter. Generally, these are used in addition to the typical 5-piece place setting. The butter spreader is placed on each individual bread and butter plate at the table.

  • Butter Spreader - Hollow Handle
    Our Piece Code: BSH
    (6-7” in length)
    Hollow handle butter spreaders like their flat handle counterparts, are used for the spreading of butter and are placed with each individual place setting. The hollow handle is generally filled with clay, air, or rock.

  • Cake Breaker
    Our Piece Code: CAB
    (10-11” in length)
    Cake breakers look like large combs with extended tines. The long tines are used to “break” into a cake before the cake is actually sliced and served. This piece is most often used with the cake knife and/or the serving cake fork.

  • Cake Fork, Individual
    Our Piece Code: CAFI
    (6-7” in length)
    Individual cake forks are used like dessert forks. The one imaged has a beveled tine.

  • Cake Fork, Serving
    Our Piece Code: CAF
    (9-10” in length)
    Serving cake forks are used to scoop and lift a slice of cake from the body of the cake once it has been cut. The piece has extended tines that are long enough to fit under the entire slice of cake.

  • Cake Knife
    Our Piece Code: CAK
    (8-10” in length)
    Cake knives are large serving pieces that are used for cutting cake.

  • Cake Saw
    Our Piece Code: CASW
    Cake saws are knife-like serving pieces used for cutting cake. One side of the blade is serrated and has long teeth

  • Cake Server
    Our Piece Code: CAKSO
    (10-12” in length)
    Cake servers are used to serve slices of cake. They can double as pie servers and are used to cut and lift the piece that is being served.