Flatware Piece Types

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  • Ice Cream Server
    Our Piece Code: ICSSV
    Ice cream servers are used in the same capcity as ice cream slicers. After a piece of ice cream has been cut from the block, the ice cream server is used to lift it and serve it into a bowl or sherbet glass.

  • Ice Cream Slicer
    Our Piece Code: ICSST
    (10-12” in length)
    Ice cream slicers were used when ice cream was made like large blocks of ice. The ice cream slicer was used to cut pieces of the block off to be served in bowls or sherbet glasses.

  • Infant Feeding Spoon
    Our Piece Code: INS
    (5-6” in length)
    Infant feeding spoons have a long handle with a small bowl. The infant feeding spoon is meant for a mom, dad, or nanny to be able to sit at a distance from a child and feed them.

  • Jam/Relish Fork
    Our Piece Code: JAFS
    (5-6” in length)
    Jam/relish forks, like the ice cream fork, the bowl of this piece is shaped like a teaspoon. The piece is used to serve jams or relishes that need to be drained.

  • Jelly/Cake Server
    Our Piece Code: JC
    Jelly/cake servers look like cake or pie servers. Like the cake or pie server, it is used to cut a piece of cake, lift, and serve it. This piece can also be used for solid jellies that have the consistency of cranberry sauce.

  • Jelly Knife
    Our Piece Code: JK
    (6-7” in length)
    Jelly knives are used to slice the jelly and serve it like one would with cranberry sauce.

  • Jelly Spoon
    Our Piece Code: JS
    (6-7” in length)
    Jelly spoons are used for the scooping and serving of jellies and sauces.

  • Joint Fork
    Our Piece Code: JF
    Joint forks are large, two-pronged serving forks used to hold a large piece of meat, like a ham. Like the bone holder, the prongs fit around the bone so that the meat can be held in place while being cut.

  • Ladle - Cream
    Our Piece Code: LAC
    (5-6” in length)
    Cream ladles are sized much like cream, bouillon, and gumbo spoons. This midsized ladle is used to serve creams.
  • Gravy Ladle

    Ladle - Gravy
    Our Piece Code: LAG
    (6-8” in length)

    Gravy ladles are the most common ladle size. Generally, this piece is 6-8 inches in length and can be used to serve gravies or cream sauces.