Hand-Crafted Piece Types

Pierced Holiday Serving Pieces
Hand-crafted Pierced
Holiday Serving Pieces

Via special processes developed at Replacements, Ltd., we are now able to offer a large selection of specially hand-crafted flatware, china, and crystal pieces. These extraordinary items are currently available in a wide array of popular patterns and offer many fun ways for you to enjoy your pattern throughout the year.

Noritake Savannah
3-Tier Serving Tray

Have you ever considered purchasing a wall clock made from a dinner plate or a single, two, or three-tiered serving tray in your pattern? Each serving tray is accented with a trim-coordinated decorative center handle. These items make great centerpieces and will be the envy of your guests! If you are looking for a fun, attractive way to display and serve hors d'oeuvres and desserts, a hand-crafted serving tray from Replacements, Ltd. is the perfect solution. These serving trays are made in single, two, or three tier styles and are crafted from appropriate-sized plates in a wide selection of patterns. Each serving tray is accented by a trim-coordinated decorative spindle that is inserted in the center of the serving tray. You can also serve from pieces like our cheese plate with glass dome, our basket with bamboo handle, or a footed nut bowl with center handle.

We continue to add to our collection of hand-crafted pieces. Bookmark this page and check the table below for great additions to our selection. Replacements’ hand-crafted pieces are currently available in wide selection of popular china patterns and are a great way to enjoy your pattern throughout the year.

These specially crafted pieces, when available in your pattern, will be listed on our web site under the appropriate page for your pattern, which you can find starting at the China, Crystal, or Silver tabs on our web site or via the “Start Here” link at the bottom of this page. These pieces will be denoted “HC” - meaning they are hand-crafted by Replacements, Ltd. The images below are representative of piece types that may be available in your pattern(s). When you place an order, you will typically receive your hand-crafted pieces in 7-10 business days. Since these pieces are carefully crafted onsite by Replacements, Ltd. artisans, additional processing time may be required during the holidays. Get a head-start on your holiday entertainment planning and gift-giving now, order these great pieces today!

  • Gravy Ladle
    Our Piece Code: LAGSR
    Gravy ladles are the most common ladle size. Generally, this piece is 6-8 inches in length and can be used to serve gravies or cream sauces.  The bowl of the gravy lady is attached to handle from your pattern.

  • Ham Knife
    Our Piece Code: HAMKR
    Ham knives generally have long blades and are used for cutting and serving small and large hams.  The blade of the ham knife is attached to a handle from your pattern

  • Horseradish Spoon
    Our Piece Code: HSR
    Horseradish spoons feature narrow bowls that are used for serving horseradish, creams, and gravies.  A piece from your pattern is shaped and cut to form the horseradish spoon.

  • Ice Cream Fork
    Our Piece Code: ICFR
    Ice cream forks are often called “sporks.” The bowl of the piece is like that of a teaspoon with small tines at the tip.  A piece from your pattern is shaped and cut to form the ice cream fork.

  • Ice Cream Slicer
    Our Piece Code: ICSSLR
    The ice cream slicer is a large flat piece used to serve ice cream, as well as various styles of cakes.  The blade is attached to a handle from your pattern.

  • Ice Cream Spoon
    Our Piece Code: ICSPR
    Ice cream spoons are used for eating ice cream and feature a round bowl that is comparable to the cream soup spoon.  A piece from your pattern is shaped and cut to form the ice cream spoon.

  • Ice Scoop
    Our Piece Code: ICSCVR
    Ice scoops are handy to have around the bar and in the kitchen.  They feature a large bowl that is used to scoop and serve ice cubes.  The bowl is attached to a handle from your pattern.

  • Jelly Server
    Our Piece Code: JSR
    Jelly servers look like cake or pie servers. Like the cake or pie server, jelly servers are used to cut a piece of cake, lift, and serve it. This piece can also be used for solid jellies that have the consistency of cranberry sauce.  A piece from your pattern is shaped and cut to form the jelly server.

  • Joint Fork/Roast Holder
    Our Piece Code: JFR
    Joint forks are large, two-pronged serving forks used to hold a large piece of meat, like a ham. The prongs fit around the bone so that the meat can be held in place while being cut.  The prongs are attached to a handle from your pattern.

  • Key Ring
    Our Piece Code: KERR
    Key rings make great gifts and are a unique way to show off your stylish flatware pattern.  These unique pieces are made from a handle in your pattern and feature a ring to hold your keys.