Hollowware Piece Types

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  • Candelabra
    Our Piece Code: SCABS3
    Candelabras are decorative silver pieces that have sockets for candles. These pieces add a wonderful accent to any table.

  • Water Goblet
    Our Piece Code: SG
    Water goblets are generally larger than wine goblets and are placed to the right of the dinner plate. Click here for a helpful place setting reference guide.

  • Wine Goblet
    Our Piece Code: SW
    Wine goblets are most commonly used with water goblets. Like the water goblet, the wine goblet is placed on the table to the upper right of the dinner plate, and is generally placed closer to the guest than the water goblet. The wine goblet can be used to serve a variety of red, white, and spritzer wines.

  • Champagne/Tall Sherbet
    Our Piece Code: SSH
    Champagne/tall sherbets feature short stems and shallow bowls. These pieces are often called saucer champagnes. The sherbet/champagne reached the height of its popularity during the Victorian and Edwardian periods. It was later discovered that the taller and more slender bowls of champagne flutes were better at helping champagne retain its bubbles.

  • Mint Julep
    Our Piece Code: SMJ
    Mint juleps are cups are used to serve drinks which contain aromatic herbs and spices. The recipe for a mint julep generally includes bourbon, crushed ice, sugar, and fresh mint!

  • Compote
    Our Piece Code: SCOM
    Compotes are used to serve steamed or baked fruit desserts. Compotes can also be used for decorative purposes or to serve candies.