Flatware Piece Types - (page 10)

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  • Sardine Fork
    Sardine Fork
    Our Piece Code: SAF
    Sardine forks normally have short, wide tines. They may be used for serving sardines, anchovies, pickled vegetables, as well as petits fours.
  • Sherbet Fork
    Sherbet Fork
    Our Piece Code: SHF
    Sherbet forks resemble an ice cream fork. The piece has a crosshatch that extends between the tines and is used to eat sherbet.
  • Snail Fork
    Snail Fork
    Our Piece Code: SNF
    Snail forks are small forks that resemble and are used for the same purpose as the escargot fork.
  • Strawberry Fork
    Strawberry Fork
    Our Piece Code: STRF
    Strawberry forks are individual pieces that are used for the serving and eating of fruit.
  • Sugar Shell
    Sugar Shell
    Our Piece Code: SUS
    Sugar shells are commonly used with sugar bowls. This piece resembles a teaspoon and has a shell-shaped bowl.
  • Sugar Spoon
    Sugar Spoon
    Our Piece Code: SUS
    Sugar spoons are used for serving granulated sugar. The spoon generally resembles a teaspoon or a cream soup spoon.
  • Sugar Tongs
    Sugar Tongs
    Our Piece Code: SUT
    Sugar tongs are used with an open sugar bowl and are used to lift and serve sugar cubes.
  • Toast Serving Fork
    Toast Serving Fork
    Our Piece Code: TOF
    Toast serving forks have long tines that are spread far apart. This serving piece can be used to lift, scoop, and serve toast.

  • Tomato Server
    Our Piece Code: TOS
    (7-8 ½”)
    Tomato servers are one of the most beautiful pieces of silver that can be found. The large round flat bowl is used to lift and serve tomatoes. The large flat bowl is generally ornate.
  • Wedding Cake Knife
    Wedding Cake Knife
    Our Piece Code: WCKO
    Wedding cake knives are designed much like a cake knife. However, cake knives are generally longer and are often given as a gift to the wedding party.

  • Youth Fork
    Our Piece Code: YF
    Youth forks are used by children. This piece is smaller than the regular dinner fork and is used in addition to the youth knife and five o’clock teaspoon.

  • Youth Knife
    Our Piece Code: YK
    Youth knives are used with the youth fork and five o’clock teaspoon. It is designed like a dinner knife, only smaller. This piece is used by small children.

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