Flatware Piece Types - (page 5)

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  • Cake Saw
    Cake Saw
    Our Piece Code: CASW
    Cake saws are knife-like serving pieces used for cutting cake. One side of the blade is serrated and has long teeth
  • Cake Server
    Cake Server<
    Our Piece Code: CAKSO
    (10-12” in length)
    Cake servers are used to serve slices of cake. They can double as pie servers and are used to cut and lift the piece that is being served.
  • Carving Fork
    Carving Fork
    Our Piece Code: CRF
    (8-10” in length)
    Carving forks are used with carving knives. Carving forks are used to serve pieces of meat while carving knives are used to cut them.
  • Carving Knife
    Carving Knife
    Our Piece Code: CRK
    (9-11” in length)
    Carving knives are used with carving forks. While carving forks are used to hold the meat in place, carving knives are used to cut the meat.
  • Casserole Spoon - Pierced
    Casserole Spoon - Pierced
    Our Piece Code: CASP
    (9-11” in length)
    Pierced casserole spoons are like solid casserole spoons but are used to serve items that must be drained.

  • Holiday Pierced Casserole Spoon
    Our Piece Code: CASHR
    (9-11” in length)
    Holiday pierced casserole spoons are pierced casserole spoons except that they feature a festive holiday pierced design in the bowl. "HC" after the piece name denotes Replacements has hand crafted the piece. Handcrafted items are unique and complement other pieces in the set.
  • Casserole Spoon - Shell
    Casserole Spoon - Shell
    Our Piece Code: CASS
    (9-11” in length)
    Casserole shells resemble casserole spoons. Unlike the casserole spoon, the bowl is shaped like a shell.

  • Casserole Spoon
    Our Piece Code: CAS
    (9-11” in length)
    Casserole spoons are a lot like tablespoons. They tend to have larger bowls than the tablespoon. Casserole spoons are used to serve casseroles.

  • Caviar Fork - Individual
    Our Piece Code: CAVF
    (5-6” in length)
    Individual caviar forks are used for eating caviar. The tines are short and are positioned very close together so that the caviar does not fall through the slots.
  • Cheese Cleaver
    Cheese Cleaver
    Our Piece Code: CHEC
    (6-8” in length)
    Cheese cleavers are shaped like miniature meat cleavers. The large flat blade is used to slice blocks of cheese.
  • Cheese Knife
    Cheese Knife
    Our Piece Code: CHEK
    (7-8” in length)
    Cheese knives are used for the cutting and serving of cheese slices.
  • Cheese Pick
    Cheese Pick
    Our Piece Code: CHEP
    (8-9” in length)
    Cheese picks have a dual purpose. The blade is used for cutting through small blocks of cheese while the curved tip can be used to pick up the little slices of cheese.
  • Cheese Plane
    Cheese Plane
    Our Piece Code: CHEPLS
    Cheese planes are drawn against a block of cheese. The result is a single slice of cheese that can be lifted and served using the cheese plane.

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