Flatware Piece Types - (page 9)

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  • Oyster Fork
    Oyster Fork
    Our Piece Code: OYF
    (5-6” in length)
    Oyster forks are used in addition to the 5-piece place setting and are used for the eating of oysters.
  • Oyster Server
    Oyster Server
    Our Piece Code: OYS
    Oyster servers are used to serve oysters both in and out of the shell.
  • Pasta Server
    Pasta Server
    Our Piece Code: PASTS
    (10-12” in length)
    Pasta servers are often called spaghetti servers by many people. This serving piece can be used for picking up, draining, and serving pasta.
  • Piccalilli Fork
    Piccalilli Fork
    Our Piece Code: PICF
    Piccalilli forks are used for the scooping and serving of vegetable relishes.
  • Piccalilli Spoon
    Piccalilli Spoon
    Our Piece Code: PICS
    Piccalilli spoons are used for serving piccalilli, or vegetable relish.
  • Pickle Fork
    Pickle/Olive Fork - Short Handle
    Our Piece Code: PF
    (5 ¾-6 ¼" in length)
    Short handle pickle forks are used for the serving of pickles or olives that are stored in small jars.

  • Pickle/Olive Fork - Long Handle
    Our Piece Code: PIFOL
    (8-9” in length)
    Long handle pickle/olive forks are used for the serving of pickles or olives that are stored in large jars.
  • Pie & Cake Server
    Pie & Cake Server
    Our Piece Code: PCS
    (9-11” in length)
    Pie and cake servers resemble the traditional pie server. This piece is used for the cutting and serving of pie and cake slices.
  • Pie Server
    Pie Server
    Our Piece Code: PIS
    (9-10” in length)
    Pie servers, like cake servers, are versatile pieces that can be used to cut and serve pie slices.

  • Holiday Pie Server - Pierced
    Our Piece Code: PISSHR
    (9-10” in length)
    Holiday pie servers, feature a festive holiday design and can be used to cut and serve pie slices. "HC" after the piece name denotes Replacements has hand crafted the piece. Handcrafted items are unique and complement other pieces in the set.
  • Rice Spoon
    Rice/Potato Spoon
    Our Piece Code: RIPS
    (9-10” in length)
    Rice/potato spoons are serving pieces that have large bowls. Generally, rice and potatoes are served in large quantities when served in addition to or as part of an entrée.
  • Salt Spoon
    Salt Spoon
    Our Piece Code: SLAS
    (3-5” in length)
    Salt spoons are very small individual pieces used in addition to the 5-piece place setting. These spoons are generally 3-5 inches in length and are used with salt dips.
  • Sandwich Fork
    Sandwich Fork
    Our Piece Code: SANF
    (7-8” in length)
    Sandwich forks generally sit in the middle of the table or buffet and are used for the serving of finger sandwiches.

More Flatware Piece Types

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