Hollowware Piece Types -(page 1)

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  • coffee pot
    Coffee Pot
    Our Piece Code: Our Piece Code: SCP
    Footed cup & saucer sets are part of the typical 5-piece place setting. They are used for serving tea or coffee. The height and the style of the cup may vary greatly between manufacturers. The footed cup design has a small pedestal protruding from the bottom of the cup, this pedestal usually fits into an indentation in the saucer.
  • tea pot
    Tea Pot
    Our Piece Code: SCP
    Tea pots are “short and stout.” Many tea pots are acquiring “collectible” status. Generally, the pattern on a tea pot is matched to that of a coffee pot, sugar bowl, creamer, and serving tray to create a set. However, it has become very common to mix and match a variety of styles and patterns. Replacements, Ltd. sells both tea sets and individual hollowware pieces. You can browse a great group of these by clicking here.

  • Kettle on Stand
    Our Piece Code: SKES
    Kettles are used to heat and serve water for tea. Kettles are often featured as an integral part of a tea service and typically include a kettle and separate burner stand.
  • Sugar bowl
    Sugar Bowl
    Our Piece Code: SSU
    Sugar bowls are used to serve granulated sugar as well as sugar cubes. Generally, these pieces match the coffee pot, tea pot, creamer, and serving tray.
  • Creamer
    Our Piece Code: SCR
    Creamers are similar in size to the sugar bowl, for a given pattern. These pieces feature a decorative handle and spout and are used to serve cream.
  • Waiter tray
    Waiter Tray
    Our Piece Code: SWT
    Waiter trays are the largest and heaviest piece of the tea set. Replacements, Ltd. carries a variety of these trays, from highly ornate to very simple. In addition to their use in tea and coffee services, the silver waiter tray can be used to serve desserts, hors d’oeuvres and a variety of finger foods and beverages in very impressive style.
  • Waste bowl
    Waste Bowl
    Our Piece Code: SWB
    Waste bowls are used for spent tea bags and tea leaves. The bowl often features ornate decorations and a simple body. The waste bowl does not usually feature a lid or handles.
  • Pitcher
    Our Piece Code: SPIT
    Pitchers are used to serve a variety of beverages including water, iced tea, and soda.

More Hollowware Piece Types

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