Our top priority is to provide our customers with the highest level of service available anywhere! The following is a small sample of the thousands of "thank you" letters we receive regularly regarding our products and services.

W.P.J., Birmingham, MI

"Exceeded my expectations from website to sales staff to delivery. The most efficient and pleasant experience I think I've had on the internet. Thank you for a well-trained and helpful staff... I highly recommend Replacements, Ltd."

J.R., North Wilkesboro, NC

"After 44 years of marriage, I have FINALLY completed my China with the order of my soup/salad bowls that arrived at our door. My now deceased mother started the pattern for me before I was married. It has only been in the last few years that I had occasion to even stop in your amazing store and shop with you. At that time, you were able to identify my pattern for me. I was, at the time pretty sure I would never have a complete set of my pattern (technically, I need two more teacups, but only the teacups, as I have 8 saucers). That is ok, since lots of folks don't drink coffee anymore, anyway... I guess I will just not worry about that. Thanks to Patricia who packed my order. She did a terrific job of wrapping and packing and everything arrived in great condition. Please let her know we were most pleased. Thank you, Replacements, as well for the 'unable to refuse' free shipping offer. It has long been our intent to come down and purchase in person, but we haven't been able to work that out (you are almost a three hour drive from our home!). And one more thank you for your terrific idea and for being able to help people like me, that can finally complete exactly what my mother wanted for me."

K.S., Starkville, MS

"I spent 15 years looking for the name of my grandma's Hutchenreuther pattern with no success. I finally got a letter from Germany saying that particular factory with those records was destroyed in World War II. But you found it. Bless you!!!!"

S.J., San Francisco, CA

"Found you many tears ago and have stayed a loyal customer!!"

K.T., Batesburg, SC

"I am delighted with your service, care in packaging/shipping, and variety of top notch out-of-production items. I will ultimately be passing down a very complete Portmeirion Christmas Story tableware set mostly thanks to you folks, a set which those who live beyond me will enjoy using (and remember using at my home) for many to come. Thanks for helping to make such memories!"

M.C., Prosser, WA

"I love shopping here because it helps me complete my wedding legacy."

S.C., Cheyenne, WY

"Just received my latest order from your company, and I would like to say 'thanks' for a couple of things. First of all for having the foresight to start your company, and provide such a wonderful service. Second, I have ordered from your company many, many times and admire your attention to shipping the pieces in such a manner that they ALWAYS arrive intact, and in a timely manner. You do have packaging down to a very fine art, and in all the orders I have received from you, have not EVER and a chip or a crack in any china piece. Thank you again for the great service you provide."

A.T., Chardon, OH

"Not only have I bought replacement dishes for my mother's 75+ year old china pattern, I have also purchased over the years my daughter's wedding china, crystal and flatware. I have purchased my godchild's wedding china and my niece's wedding china a year and a half ago. Now my second niece is getting married and I've purchased all her serving pieces for her china set. I have one more niece to go and depending upon what she wants, you are my go to source. Not only do I save money over the department stores, but I also save on the shipping as well. Great job!"

C.F., Grass Valley, CA

"My wife broke 2 dinner plates in a 3 weeks and you saved us!"

S.S., Apex, NC

"I LOVE to see and know what's happening. I LOVE crystal and china. Every time I've been there selling things (3 or 4 times), your staff has been extremely friendly and accommodating. Your friendly folks are so nice to let me stay by them while they're looking at my stuff, and talk to me and answer questions. The money is nice, but the experience comes from interacting with your professionals. I have had fun being there! And of course, selling my old stuff means I have room to buy new stuff."

S.W., Colorado Springs, CO

"I am very impressed with your company. I have ordered a large number of items including two sets of Haviland (place settings for 6). Everything is packed beautifully. Your website is very easy to use. All your personnel have been very courteous and helpful. No mistakes in orders occurred, although I changed several. Thank you for your integrity and efficiency--a welcome experience in this world of oftentimes poor business practices."

J.B., Fuquay Varina, NC

"These glasses were for a 40th wedding anniversary for my husband who is the hardest to buy for as he has just about everything he needs. I was looking to acquire the highball glasses to another pattern in Cera that I already have and came across these glasses with the world map. I thought this was perfect for a retired Navy Lieutenant and he/we can hand these down to our USMC Captain son when the time comes since they have traveled the world with their careers. The help on the phone, the quality of the product and the quality of the delivery as they were packed perfectly is outstanding. I just wish I would have had the time to go to the shop in person as I'm not that far away. I probably would have done more damage to my pocketbook. Thanks, and have a great day!"

A.W., Yucaipa, CA

"I have NEVER had better service than from your company! Thank you so much! PLEASE add this testimonial to your website if you have a testimonial page. Shoppers need to know the caliber of your company and shop with complete confidence knowing they are in good hands.

K.S., Lebanon, CT

"My mother had a penchant for fine china, crystal, and silver. She started my sister and I at the age of eighteen with our own. Then came four sister in-laws who promptly started their own. Fast forward 40 years, ten granddaughters and four great granddaughters, and the tradition is still alive! Thank God Replacements exists, after that many years we have had to replace some pieces and have kept our collections complete for future generations. Thank you!"

L.H., Raleigh, NC

"Have done business with you before and was very satisfied with the service. I was able to replace a broken dinner plate from the china I inherited from my mother. This meant a lot to me since the china was over 50 years old and was always used through the holidays."

M.W., Richmond, CA

"Not only is it the best site out there, it is the easiest to navigate. I can ALWAYS (and quickly) find the maker and pattern I'm researching or looking to replace!! Thank you for your services!!"

B.A., Ontario, Canada

"Years ago, I was so disappointed to find out that the dishes I had been collecting were not being manufactured any longer. So for years, I was stuck with pieces of china that I could not add to. Then by luck, I found your website, and I have been adding to mine, as well as my daughter's. About 10 years ago, my husband and I were in Florida, and I asked him, if we could travel home via North Carolina, and we found your warehouse, so I could add a few more pieces. We were totally shocked by how beautiful your store was, and how massive! You had everything there, we never thought we would ever see again. Thank you for the prompt shipping over the years, it was lovely to do business with your company. Once I called and had the nicest lady on the telephone as well..... great company you have."

E.L., Marlton, NJ

"replacements.com helped me tremendously! My daughter broke a special appetizer dish to our set 2 years ago and I found it on their site. It came in a timely manner, wrapped and protected very well. I recently needed to replace chipped china pieces to a different set and ordered them also and was so impressed that they even still had this other set that we bought in 1991! I would have had to buy a whole new set since the chips were getting embarrassing. It saved me thousands of dollars to just replace the chipped ones instead. You can see that this company goes above and beyond to make sure it is completely protected during shipping. The prices are fair, and they are very nice people to deal with. Thank you replacements.com!!"

P.B., Jasper, TX

"Your company provides an amazing service with great prices. I love the identification service you provide. I purchase items in garage sales, and resale shops and this service gives me a way to find out more about the treasures I love. Thank you so much for the wonderful, caring people you employ!!! I am so glad I found your website!! I have purchased items from other websites that the care given when packing for shipment caused the items to not make it in one piece. Your packing and shipping is second to none!!!! Again thank you!!!! Who you are makes a difference!"

G.H., Macomb, IL

"I am so thankful I found your site, as I have been able to easily and economically replace pieces from cherished dinnerware sets that I have not been able to find anywhere else. I appreciate your large inventory and user-friendly website. Items are always carefully packaged and arrive in excellent condition. Love your store!"

C.C., Oxnard, CA

"Recently I have been researching the many beautiful shapes of china plates that Replacements offers, and it has been an exceptional reminder of the breadth of your collection. Thank you to all of you for the enormous undertaking of collecting and assisting all your customers, including me, with excellent customer service over and over again. It is always a pleasure to order from you."

M.M.F., Ontario, Canada

"I have been a client for many years and absolutely love you guys!"

D.G., Merrimac, MA

"I have used Replacements, Ltd. for years to replace contemporary china and heirloom, no longer manufactured, sterling flatware and fine china pieces that I never thought I'd find. Now breaking a plate doesn't have to be a disaster! Orders are efficiently and professionally handled; the packing and shipment is superb. You have the best company ever! Thank you!"

K.P., British Columbia, Canada

"You keep surprising me with your collection. Very nicely done!"

C.C., North Port, FL

"I am always pleased with the items I have ordered from Replacements, Ltd! Each is wrapped with care and looks beautiful when I receive it. I also love the fact that I can find pieces that have been, long ago, discontinued, on your list of available items, such as certain Wedgwood, and Mikasa patterns, that my mom and grandmother gave to me, many years ago. It is especially kind that you offer to search for a special item that may not be listed under your 'FIND THIS FOR ME' select-button. It is delightful to work with you! Thank you so much."

G.S., Lindsborg, KS

"Having been on the search for pieces to complete my various sets of china and crystal since long before Replacements, Ltd. came into being, I want to tell everyone what a harrowing experience it was 'back then'. I searched the back pages of women's magazines for the teensy-tiny advertisements for china or crystal replacements, mailed off a letter telling them of my desired pattern, and simply hoped they would respond. If they did reply and had something, I then had to send off another letter with a check, and wait with crossed fingers, hoping it was indeed the pattern I was requesting (no pictures were generally exchanged) and that it would arrive unbroken. Packing was casual at best, and I received more than one item packed in what I'm certain was simply the contents of the seller's household wastebasket. Replacements, Ltd. is a dream come true for china/crystal collectors such as myself. I've been a customer pretty much since they opened their doors, and I've never dealt with a more 'straight up' business. Every aspect of my interactions with them has been honest, rapid, and geared toward customer satisfaction. I cannot possibly tell you how very much I value this resource. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

T.T., Columbia, MD

"I came across the Replacements, Ltd. website as I was looking for a missing piece from my Noritake china set that was recently broken and I really liked your website! As I was browsing through the pages, I was amazed by the number of displayed items and the variety of brand named products, posted at such reasonable prices! I used the search option which helped me find what I was looking for but it was sold out. However, I was advised to leave my information so that I can be contacted when the item was available again. Now that I have discovered your website, I will be visiting it more often knowing I can find any replacements without having to go to a regular stores and pay a fortune to purchase it."

K.M., Ontario, Canada

"First-time customer thrilled with well-organized website, attention to detail, excellent service and products, ingenious packaging and lightning-speed shipping. I will definitely return. Thank you."

P.B., Henderson, NV

"As a repeat customer at Replacements, I would like to give complete assurance to anyone contemplating using their service! In every one of my numerous orders, they have exercised the kind of generous and thoughtful packaging that expresses that they truly understand how important precious replacements of treasured china are! There is a copious amount of protective bubble-wrap and filler-type product to insulate even a single item. The shipping department has obviously been extensively trained to understand the architectural packing considerations integral to having recipients experience the maximum joy and satisfaction of having their item(s) arrive intact. Without exception, the merchandise is as promised. If it is stated to be in excellent condition, it is virtually pristine and perhaps has never actually been used. I LOVE doing business with replacements.com!!!"

S.S., Alameda, CA

"Love you guys. The best packers ever."

D.P., Niles, MI

"Easiest way to find replacement china. Love everything about your site and your product!"

S.T., Roseland, VA

"Love this service! Because of this service, after 30 years I was finally able to get serving pieces for our fine china set. No small feat for a discontinued pattern!"

J.G., Orchard Park, NY

"Love your website. I have used your company for years, and have been able to find many things to finish my collections, pieces I didn't know they made for some of my collections and even started some new ones. Everything has arrived beautifully and I've had no problems. Thank you for such wonderful service!"

D.D., Bryant, AR

"I can't say enough about your prompt service and great selection of hard to find pieces as well as excellent packaging and free shipping on large orders regardless how heavy they may be. Your prices are also affordable even for someone on a retirement income!"

C.H., British Columbia, Canada

When I ordered from you everything came wrapped so lovingly, totally unexpected from an online company. I love the service you have to search for pieces that were made in each of my collections. Fantastic. Thanks again for being so great."