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S & J Myers S Boardman S Cottle Co S F Morrill & Co S G Germany Flatware S Hogan S Hyman & Co S J Levi Co S J Rose S Kind & Sons S Kirk & Son (See Kirk Stieff) S M Hoffer S T Morrow S&A Haddad S. D. Brower & Son S. Hoard & Co. S. Huntington S. L. Vosburgh S. N. Story S. Sternau & Co S.F.A.M. Silver S.G Smith&C.R Wells S.G. Silverplate (England) S.Wyler,Inc Saart Brothers Sabatier Saben Silversmith Sabina Cutlery Sabre Sackett & Co., Ltd Sadek Saether Saglier Freres Saint Medard Sakura Saladmaster Salem Salisbury Pewter Inc Samaria Cutlery Sambonet Sampson Mordan & Co Samuel Ayres Samuel Bosworth Samuel F Morrill (See S F Morrill & Co) Samuel F. Hobbs Samuel Farkas Samuel Green-Dublin Samuel Hayne & Dudley Cater Samuel Herbert & Co. Samuel Hoskins Samuel Hubbard Kirby Samuel Hutchinson Samuel Johnson Samuel Kirk Samuel Kirk (See Kirk Stieff) Samuel Lewis Samuel Neville Samuel Peace Samuel S Newton Samuel Smily Samuel T Crosby Samuel Warner Samuel Whitford II Sanborns (Mexico) Sandland,Capron & Co Sandra By Sandra Lee Sandrik Silver Sango Sant Andrea Santa Barbara Santana Sanz Sarah & John W Blake Sasaki Saunders & Shepherd Savoy Silver SBS Bestecke SCAF Scan-Agent (See Gense) Scandia Present SCC (See Towle) Scharling Scharner, A Schaso Schmidt, Carl John Schmidt, W&E Schmitz Moore Schofield Schohaus Schohay,Ludwig&Co Schott Silver Schroth Silver Schulz & Fischer Schulz & Mccartney (See Schulz & Fischer) Schulz,Fischer&McCartney (See Schulz & Fischer) Schulz,Fischer&Mohrig (See Schulz & Fischer) Schwarzschild Schweitzer Silver Co Schwerte Scientific (See Oneida) Scimitar SCOF (France) Scofield & Dewyngaert Scott Brown (See Reed & Barton) Scovil & Kinsey Scribner & Loehr Co Seagull Pewter Sears Roebuck Sears Warner SEB (See National) Security Silverplate Seibu
Selandia Select (See Reed & Barton) Select Success (See Reed & Barton) Senate (See Oneida) Seraphim Masi Serco Servet Service Plate (See Oneida) Servus Rfr Stal (See Sigurd Persson) Seth P Squire Severnaya Chern Sexton Seymour & Hollister Seymour Hoyt SFG Shastra Shaw & Berry Co Shaw & Fisher Sheafer & Lloyd Sheets-Rockford Sheffield Sheffield Co Sheffield Mint Sheffield Nickel&Sil Sheffield Original Sheffield Pewter Sheffield Plate Sheffield Silver Co (England) Sheffield Silver Co (USA) Sheffield Steel Shellstone, Inc (See Artful Wares) Shelton Cutlery Shelton Silver Plate Shepard Mfg Co Shepheard & Co Shepherd & Boyd Sheridan Sherrill Manufacture (See Revolution Flatware) Shiebler (See George W Shiebler) Shirley Metalcraft Shm & Co (See Simpson Hall & Miller) Shreve Crump & Low Shreve Silver Shreve Stanwood & Co Shreve, Brown & Co Shuler Pewter Siam Bronze Factory Siam Silver Siecle Sigma Sigourney &Hitchcock Sigurd Persson Silco (See Intl Silver) Silea Siletti Silver Silhouette Silkema Silla Silverware Silver Bell (See Intl Silver) Silver City Silver Gift Company (See Silver Guild) Silver Guild Silver Metal Mfg Co Silvercraft (See Farber Bros Silver) Silvercraft Co-Sheff Silverfild Silversmiths, Inc Simmons & Paye Simmons & Williamson Simmons Hardware Simon Pearce Simon Rosenau Simon Wedge Sr Simons & Co Simons & Miller Simons Bros Simply Designz Simpson Hall & Miller Siom Silverplate Sipelia Sheffield Siskiyou Gifts Sissons, Walter-Charles Sitca Sival Skandia SKS Artina Pewter Skyros Slant Smith & Chamberlain Smith & Company Smith & Smith Smith & Ziegler Smith Metal Arts Com Smith Patterson Co Smith Seymour Ltd Smith, Sissons & Co (See William & George Sissons) SMS Smyth & Ashe Smythe So Am (See David Mcconnell) Society Deluxe Sohnaco Sola Sola Bv(Netherlands) Sola Holland (See Sola) Solingen (Not A Mfr) Solomon Hougham Solomon Joel Phillip Sonesta Sonoma Life+Styles Sophia By Design Sorenco Denmark (See Worcester)
Sorensen Souche Lapparra Source Perrier Collection Sourcing 1000 Inc Sourcing Solutions (See River Ridge) Southern Living Southington Sovrani Sparrow and Wren-Flatware Spaulding & Co Spear & Co Spear & Jackson (England) Splendide Split-P Flatware Spode Silver Spooner & Welch Sportcraft Squire & Bros. Squire & Lander SR Showroom (See EME Flatware) SSI Ssmc (See Saart Bros (See Saart Brothers) SSS (See Oneida) St Germain St Justin St Louis Silver Co St Medard (See Saint Medard) St Nicholas Square St Regis St. James Staffan Nilsson Stancampiano Standard Standard Silver Toronto Standish Barry Stanhome (See Oneida) Stanley Roberts Stanley Rogers Stanley&Aylword Ltd Stanton & Bro Star Home Starr & Marcus (See Marcus & Co) State House Stauffer & Harley Stavre Gregor Panis Stearns Co. Stebbins & Co. Steelesmith's (See Intl Silver) Stegor (See Gorham) Stellar Stelton Stephen Adams I Stephen Adams II Stephen Baker Stephen Castan Stephen Chandler Stephen D. Choate Stephen Richards Stephen Smith Sterling Silver (See Saart Bros) Sterling Silver Mfg Co Sterling Silver Plate Co Sterlingcraft Steuben Steven C Jett Stevens Silver Co Stieff & Co (See Kirk Stieff) Stockman & Pepper Stone & Ball Stone Sterling Stone, Arthur J (See Stone Associates) Stonegate Stowell & Co Strachan Stratford (See Intl Silver) Stuart Devlin Studio (Japan) Studio (See JC Penney) Studio Nova Studio Nova Silver (See Mikasa Silver) Studio Silversmiths Studio William Stuges, A D Style Happy Style House Stylecraft Stylist Suckling Ltd Summit Sunbeam Suncraft-Japan Sunderlin & McAllaster Sunderlin & Weaver Sunshine Superior Superior (See Intl Silver) Superior Stainless (See Hoffritz) Supreme Cut (See Towle) Supreme Silver (See Intl Silver) Supreme Silver Co. Sur La Table Svend Toxvaerd (Sterling) Sweeney & Combs Sweetser Co., The Swid Powell Hollowware Swiss Home Swords Sylvan Bros Sylvester Pence Sylvia Correttes Syracuse