Silver Repair

Silver repair capacity at Replacements, Ltd. has been greatly expanded with the addition of several expert silversmiths. Prices for repair, restoration, cleaning, and polishing are listed below. If you have any questions regarding silver repair, click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions, or call us at 1-800-REPLACE (1-800-737-5223) 9:00 am - 8:00 pm (ET) Monday through Friday and 9:00 am - 6:00 pm (ET) Saturday (except holidays) (our average answer speed is 10 seconds!).  For a Repair or Restoration Request Form, click here.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Twisted Fork Tines Straightened

Damaged Spoon Bowl Repaired

Years of Tarnish Removed

The above photographs show representative pieces before and after restoration by Replacements, Ltd. The photographs are representative of repair services available; degree of actual damage will dictate final results.

Our Service Shines

Years of tarnish. Scratches from daily, regular use. Overanxious garbage disposals. Still-too-frozen ice cream. These are just some of the problems we solve every day at Replacements, Ltd.

As the world's largest retailer of old and new china, crystal and silver, we understand the importance of preserving family heirlooms. Our complete dedication to providing excellent customer service has resulted in our becoming the leader in the industry.

Replacements' Restoration Department brings back to life the special look and feel of elegant table settings. We are able to clean, polish and restore virtually every type of silver and hollowware.

Restoration & Repair

All pieces restored or repaired are professionally cleaned and machine-buffed to their original luster.

Restoration Charges:*

For Hollowware Repair please call.
  • Kitchen Disposal Damage $40.00/piece
  • Flatware Monogram Removal (sterling only) $12.00/piece
  • Replacement Knife Blades $40.00/piece
  • Hollowware Repair Please Call

Cleaning/Polishing Flatware Only Charges:*

For Hollowware cleaning/polishing, please call.
  • Stainless $6.00/piece
  • Silverplate $2.00/piece
  • Sterling $4.00/piece
  • Pewter $4.00/piece

Minimum Repair Order: $20.00

All restoration and cleaning prices are average. Prices may be adjusted according to actual merchandise condition. If estimated service costs exceed listed prices by more than 20%, we will contact you for approval before starting repair. No handling charges will be applied to the return of unserviceable merchandise.

For shipping instructions, see Repair or Restoration Request Form

UPS DOES NOT DELIVER TO REPLACEMENTS, LTD. Therefore, any shipments that you send to Replacements, Ltd. via UPS will be returned to you by UPS as undeliverable. Please ship your merchandise via FedEx or US Postal Service.

Questions? Call 1-800-737-5223, ext. 2567

* Shipping costs vary; please call for details.