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Replacements, Ltd.
2003 Discontinued Pattern Alert

One of the manufacturers below has discontinued your pattern(s) in 2003. Please click on the name of the manufacturer of your pattern to review which patterns were discontinued. We have been working closely with all of the major manufacturers to acquire their last remaining inventories in these discontinued patterns and would like to help you complete your set before these pieces become harder to find. You can order online, or by calling us toll-free at 1-800-REPLACE (1-800-737-5223) 9:00 am – 10:00 pm ET, 7 days (our average answer speed is 10 seconds!) Order now while pieces are still available!
Manufacturer List
American Atelier Noritake Crystal
Arabia Of Finland Oneida China
Bernardaud Oneida Crystal
Block China Oneida
Cellar, The Orrefors
Certified Int. Corp. Pfaltzgraff China
Chas. Field Haviland Pfaltzgraff Silver
Chase, Lynn Portmeirion
Corona-Columbia Presentense
Couzon, Jean Reed & Barton Silver
Cris D'arques/Durand Retroneu China
Crystal Clear Ind Retroneu Silver
Cuisinart Rorstrand
Dansk China Rosenthal Crystal
Deshoulieres, Philipp Rosenthal/Continentl
Epoch Royal Copenhagen
Farberware China Royal Doulton China
Farberware Flatware Royal Doulton Crystal
Franciscan China Royal Worcester
Frank Smith Sadek
Galway Crystal Sakura
Gibson Designs Sango
Gibson Flatware Sasaki China
Gien China Sasaki Flatware
Gorham Crystal Seltmann
Gorham Silver Spode China
Guy Degrenne St. Louis
Herend Village Pttry Studio Nova
International Silver Taitu China
JCPenney China Tirschenreuth
Johnson Brothers Towle
Lauren, Ralph-China Tuttle Silver
Lauren, Ralph-Flatware Tyrone Crystal
Lauren,Ralph-Crystal Vietri (Italy)
Lenox China Villeroy/Boch China
Lenox Crystal Villeroy/Boch Crystal
Lenox Flatware Vista Alegre
Lunt Silver Wallace Silver
Mikasa Waterford Crystal
Mikasa Crystal Wedgwood China
Mikasa Silver Wedgwood Crystal
Muirfield China Westbury Court
Nikko Yamazaki Silver
Noritake Zrike


Pattern List
Manufacturer Pattern Name
American Atelier Floral Daze
American Atelier Floral Vine
American Atelier Noel
American Atelier Ol' Mcdonald
American Atelier Pompeii Fruit
American Atelier Rooster Toile
American Atelier Winter Village
Arabia Of Finland Teema-Green
Arabia Of Finland Veranda
Bernardaud Granite-Green
Block China Pink Beauty
Cellar, The Log Cabin Christmas
Certified Int. Corp. Fruit Lattice
Certified Int. Corp. Pasta Primavera
Certified Int. Corp. Windsor
Chas. Field Haviland Ambassade-Blue
Chas. Field Haviland Ambassade-Coral
Chase, Lynn Winter Game Birds-Chestnut Brown
Chase, Lynn Winter Game Birds-Green
Corona-Columbia Mainville-Black
Corona-Columbia Mainville-Blue
Corona-Columbia Mainville-Rose
Couzon, Jean Toulon (Stainless)
Cris D'arques/Durand Bergerac
Cris D'arques/Durand Cappella Gold
Cris D'arques/Durand Granville
Cris D'arques/Durand Longchamp Gold
Cris D'arques/Durand Millennium 2000
Cris D'arques/Durand Octime
Cris D'arques/Durand Orion
Crystal Clear Ind Celine
Cuisinart Alto (Stainless)
Cuisinart Concord (Stainless)
Cuisinart Oakmont (Stainless)
Cuisinart Ribbon (Stainless)
Cuisinart Ribbon-Gold (Stnl,Goldacc)
Cuisinart Westlake
Cuisinart Weston (Stainless)
Cuisinart Westport (Stainless)
Cuisinart Wilton (Stainless)
Dansk China Origami Onyx
Dansk China Rondure-Rye
Deshoulieres, Philipp Marquis-Black
Epoch Floral Bay
Epoch Market Day
Epoch Mica Apple Green
Epoch Mica Honey Gold
Epoch Summer Bouquet
Farberware China Bellini
Farberware China Dorchester
Farberware China English Garden (4241, White Bckgd)
Farberware China Prairie Crossing
Farberware China White Christmas
Farberware Flatware Romance (Stainls)
Farberware Flatware Spirit (Stainless)
Franciscan China Ivy Ii (England)
Frank Smith Fiddle Shell/Alden (Strl,1914,No Monos)
Frank Smith Fiddle Thread (Sterling,1902,No Monos)
Galway Crystal O'hara
Gibson Designs Flourish
Gibson Flatware Cuomo
Gibson Flatware Europa (Stainless)
Gien China Lorraine Rose-Green (Crm Bkgd)
Gorham Crystal Andante Tall-Gold
Gorham Crystal Rosewood Gold
Gorham Silver Calais (Silverplate, 1988)
Gorham Silver Calais (Stainless)
Gorham Silver Calais Frosted
Gorham Silver Meredith
Gorham Silver Winfield Frosted (Stainless)
Guy Degrenne Perles (Stainless)
Herend Village Pttry Morning Song
International Silver Cirque (Stainless)
JCPenney China Basket Weave
JCPenney China JCP8
JCPenney China Variations-Bluestone
JCPenney China Variations-Granite Brown
Johnson Brothers Acanthus Blue
Johnson Brothers Apollo
Johnson Brothers Asiatic Pheasant-Pink
Johnson Brothers Brookshire
Johnson Brothers Denmark-Black
Johnson Brothers Denmark-Pink
Johnson Brothers Friendly Village Collectibles
Johnson Brothers Friendly Village-Christmas
Johnson Brothers Harry Potter-Traditional
Johnson Brothers Heritage-White
Johnson Brothers Historic America-Brown Ii (2002 Intro)
Johnson Brothers Hydrangea Blue
Johnson Brothers Indies-Pink
Johnson Brothers Manorwood
Johnson Brothers Medina
Johnson Brothers Portland
Johnson Brothers River Scenes
Johnson Brothers Springfield
Lauren, Ralph-China Academy Gold
Lauren, Ralph-China Claire
Lauren, Ralph-China Empire
Lauren, Ralph-China Hampton Floral
Lauren, Ralph-China Vineyard-Chair/Yellow
Lauren, Ralph-China Vineyard-Lighthouse/Green
Lauren, Ralph-China Wicker Basket
Lauren, Ralph-Flatware Academy (Stainless)
Lauren, Ralph-Flatware Atlantique (Stainless)
Lauren, Ralph-Flatware Beaumont (Stainless)
Lauren, Ralph-Flatware Bradley (Stainless)
Lauren, Ralph-Flatware Cairo
Lauren, Ralph-Flatware Equestrian Braid (Stainless)
Lauren, Ralph-Flatware Golden Wainwright (Stnls,Goldacc)
Lauren, Ralph-Flatware Montgomery
Lauren, Ralph-Flatware Sinclair
Lauren, Ralph-Flatware Stanwick (Stainless)
Lauren, Ralph-Flatware Telluride (Stainless)
Lauren, Ralph-Flatware Wainright (Stainless)
Lauren,Ralph-Crystal Chandler
Lauren,Ralph-Crystal Executive
Lauren,Ralph-Crystal Landon
Lauren,Ralph-Crystal Newstead
Lenox China Alyssa
Lenox China American Christmas
Lenox China Aquamarine
Lenox China Au Courant Olive
Lenox China Au Courant Persimmon
Lenox China Au Courant Vanilla
Lenox China Braided Elegance
Lenox China Christmas Collage
Lenox China Colin Cowie Au Courant
Lenox China Emma
Lenox China Haute Couture
Lenox China Kristy
Lenox China Kyoto
Lenox China Monroe
Lenox China Newbury Square
Lenox China Opal
Lenox China Perennial Garden
Lenox China Prism Platinum
Lenox China Santa's Journey
Lenox China Summer Greetings
Lenox China Summer Terrace
Lenox China Trapunto
Lenox China Witherspoon
Lenox Crystal Assorted Graphics
Lenox Crystal Colin Cowie Haute Couture
Lenox Flatware Citation Gold (Stnls,Gold Acc)
Lenox Flatware Courtyard Gold
Lenox Flatware Poppies On Blue
Lenox Flatware Williamsburg Cannonade (Stainless)
Lenox Flatware Williamsburg Mandarin Frosted (Stainlss)
Lunt Silver Memory Lane (Sterling,1919,No Monograms)
Mikasa Academy
Mikasa Blue Medley
Mikasa Bond Street
Mikasa Caviar
Mikasa Christmas Garden
Mikasa Classic Platinum
Mikasa Crown Jewel
Mikasa Deco Gold
Mikasa Festive Spirit
Mikasa La Belle
Mikasa Midnight
Mikasa Modern Art
Mikasa Monet
Mikasa Overture
Mikasa Platinum Symmetry
Mikasa Potter's Craft-Khaki
Mikasa Sao Paulo
Mikasa Satin Contrast
Mikasa Satin White
Mikasa Victorian Crest
Mikasa Crystal Apollo
Mikasa Silver Latitudes (Stainless)
Mikasa Silver Pericles Ii (Stainless)
Mikasa Silver Verona Gold
Muirfield China Bridal Bouquet
Muirfield China Proscenium
Muirfield China Royal Ebony
Nikko Alpine
Nikko Alsace
Nikko Americana
Nikko Antoinette Blue
Nikko Antoinette Pink
Nikko Azure Gold
Nikko Bachelor's Button
Nikko Basketry
Nikko Blue Prose
Nikko Corinthian
Nikko Crown Jewel
Nikko Cypress
Nikko Dena's Garden
Nikko Emeraude
Nikko Empress
Nikko English Garden
Nikko Flirtatious
Nikko Golden Lily
Nikko Gracious
Nikko Granville
Nikko Herb Garden
Nikko In Season
Nikko Iris
Nikko Lucky Charm
Nikko Normandie
Nikko Pimpernel
Nikko Remember When
Nikko Sedgemere
Nikko Shiro
Nikko Silverdale
Nikko Stella
Nikko Summer Dance
Nikko Sweetheart Roses
Nikko Victoria (Blue)
Nikko Woodbury-Blue
Nikko Woodbury-Lime
Nikko Woodbury-Melon
Nikko Yuki
Noritake Addison
Noritake Adobe Canyon
Noritake Chavot Gold
Noritake Country Plantation
Noritake Madison Court
Noritake Napa Vines
Noritake Newcastle
Noritake Ribbon And Gold
Noritake Sonora Sunrise
Noritake Sweet Savannah
Noritake Terrace Walk
Noritake Whitebridge Gold
Noritake Whitebridge Platinum
Noritake Crystal Allaire-Gold
Noritake Crystal Christiana
Noritake Crystal Kincaid
Noritake Crystal Palais Silk Gold
Noritake Crystal Palais Silk Platinum
Oneida China Athena Gold
Oneida China Chelsea Square
Oneida China Russel Wright-Bean Brown
Oneida China Russel Wright-Black Pepper
Oneida China Russel Wright-Cattail Brown
Oneida China Russel Wright-Charcoal Gray
Oneida China Russel Wright-Chicory (Carmel)
Oneida China Russel Wright-Coral
Oneida China Russel Wright-Lemon Yellow
Oneida China Russel Wright-Linen/Creme
Oneida China Russel Wright-Manitoga Blue
Oneida China Russel Wright-Oyster Gray
Oneida China Russel Wright-Sugar White
Oneida Crystal Southern Garden
Oneida Cantata (Stainless)
Oneida Essence
Oneida Satin Camber (Stainless)
Oneida Satin Gloria (Stainless)
Oneida Satin Scoop
Oneida Satin Shasta (Stainless)
Oneida Silver Arbor
Oneida Tribeca (Stainless)
Oneida Tripoli (Stainless)
Oneida Tudor (Stainless)
Oneida Verona (Stainless)
Orrefors Sven (Barware)
Pfaltzgraff China Cafe Latte
Pfaltzgraff China Orchard
Pfaltzgraff China Springwood
Pfaltzgraff China Stratus
Pfaltzgraff China Sunshine
Pfaltzgraff China Wyngate-Stripe
Pfaltzgraff Silver Briarwood
Pfaltzgraff Silver Chalfonte
Pfaltzgraff Silver Crosscreek
Pfaltzgraff Silver Passage
Pfaltzgraff Silver Satin Grand Hotel
Pfaltzgraff Silver Satin Providence
Pfaltzgraff Silver Satin Soho
Pfaltzgraff Silver Satin Wentworth (Stainless)
Pfaltzgraff Silver Sonya
Pfaltzgraff Silver Tabletones-Ivory
Pfaltzgraff Silver Tea Rose
Pfaltzgraff Silver Winterberry (Stainless)
Portmeirion Amabel Rose
Portmeirion Dawn
Presentense Cascades
Reed & Barton Silver Bellevue
Reed & Barton Silver Dorado (Stainless)
Reed & Barton Silver Fluted Scroll
Reed & Barton Silver Jubilee (Stainless)
Retroneu China Imperial Platinum
Retroneu Silver Aspen (Stainless)
Retroneu Silver Cathay (Stainless)
Retroneu Silver Cylinder (Stainless)
Retroneu Silver Double Loop (Stainless)
Retroneu Silver Elysium
Retroneu Silver Espirit-Gold (Stainless)
Retroneu Silver Esprit (Stainless)
Retroneu Silver Ile De France (Stainless)
Retroneu Silver Image (Stainless)
Retroneu Silver Kent (Stainless)
Retroneu Silver Mon Cher (Stainless)
Retroneu Silver Prince Of Wales (Stainless)
Retroneu Silver Roseanne (Stainless)
Retroneu Silver Sextet (Stainless)
Retroneu Silver St. Denis (Gold Accent)
Retroneu Silver Superieur (Stainless)
Retroneu Silver Superieur (Stainless/Gold Accnt)
Retroneu Silver Tuileries (Stainless)
Rorstrand Louise
Rorstrand Ostindia
Rosenthal Crystal Papyrus
Rosenthal/Continentl Concept 5-Suomi (Anthracite-Black)
Rosenthal/Continentl Crown-Platinum
Rosenthal/Continentl Dynasty (Intro. 2000)
Rosenthal/Continentl Palladiana
Rosenthal/Continentl Siam Charcoal
Royal Copenhagen Tranquebar-Blue
Royal Doulton China Georgia (Indonesia)
Royal Doulton China Signature Gold
Royal Doulton Crystal Carnegie
Royal Worcester Chamberlain's Rose
Royal Worcester Evesham Orchard
Royal Worcester Gloucester Fruit
Royal Worcester Jaipur
Royal Worcester Kimono
Royal Worcester Olympia
Sadek Garden Of India
Sadek Winterthur Fruit
Sakura Malaga
Sango Birds And The Bees
Sango Monarch
Sasaki China Colorstone-Cinnabar
Sasaki China Colorstone-Lilac
Sasaki China Colorstone-Vert De Gris (Texture)
Sasaki Flatware Anelli Gold (Stnls, Gold Acc)
Sasaki Flatware James
Sasaki Flatware Leaf (Stainless)
Sasaki Flatware Orbit (Stainless,Satin)
Sasaki Flatware Propeller
Sasaki Flatware Rigadin (Stainless)
Seltmann Renate-White (Smooth)
Seltmann Theresia-White
Spode China Argent
Spode China Brafferton
Spode China Burlington (Imperialware,Smooth)
Spode China Buttercup (Newer Backstamp, 2/7873)
Spode China Chelsea Platinum
Spode China Chelsea Wicker
Spode China Christmas Tree-Red
Spode China Engraver's Archive Collection
Spode China Fleur
Spode China Florence
Spode China Gainsborough (Marlborough)
Spode China Marlborough Cream
Spode China Millenium Christmas
St. Louis Diamant
St. Louis Florence (Pineapple Cut)
Studio Nova Country Trellis
Studio Nova French Tulip
Studio Nova Jungle Beat
Studio Nova Sun Kissed
Taitu China Firenze
Tirschenreuth Isabelle
Towle Arctic (Stainless)
Towle Boston Antique (Japan,Cutlery,Stainless)
Towle Boston Antique (Stnl, Korea/Usa/China)
Towle Classic Provincial (Stainless)
Towle Facets (Stainless)
Towle Hammersmith (Stnls,Korea,Satin)
Towle Newbury Thread Gold (Stainless)
Towle Newbury Thread(Stainless,Glossy)
Towle Southwest (Stainless)
Towle Stockholm (Stainless)
Tuttle Silver Lanai
Tuttle Silver Tiara
Tyrone Crystal Slieve Donard
Vietri (Italy) Acquario
Villeroy/Boch China Adeline
Villeroy/Boch China Casa Look
Villeroy/Boch China Jardin D Alsace Auberge
Villeroy/Boch China Jardin D Alsace Fleur
Villeroy/Boch China Jardin D Alsace Village
Villeroy/Boch Crystal Savoy
Vista Alegre Apples
Vista Alegre Botanica
Vista Alegre Cherries
Vista Alegre Grapes
Vista Alegre Manueline White
Vista Alegre Plums
Vista Alegre Porto Alegre
Vista Alegre Villa
Wallace Silver Colonial Hammered
Wallace Silver Continental Camden (Stainless)
Wallace Silver New Charm
Wallace Silver Tiara
Waterford Crystal Allegra Gold
Waterford Crystal Ariel
Waterford Crystal Brookside
Waterford Crystal Claria
Waterford Crystal Claria Gold
Waterford Crystal Omega
Wedgwood China Beresford Gold
Wedgwood China Chorale
Wedgwood China Dolphins Platinum
Wedgwood China Florentine-Gold (Accent Plate)
Wedgwood China Illusion
Wedgwood China Mistral
Wedgwood China Napoleon Ivy-Green
Wedgwood China Royal Garland
Wedgwood Crystal Classic-Amethyst (Martini)
Wedgwood Crystal Classic-Emerald Green (Martini)
Wedgwood Crystal Classic-Sapphire Blue (Martini)
Westbury Court Christina
Yamazaki Silver Escapade (Stainless)
Yamazaki Silver Medalia Ice
Yamazaki Silver Medalia-Gold Accent (Stainless)
Zrike Barnyards & Bandanas
Zrike Brocade
Zrike Holiday Estate Of Mind
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