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Replacements, Ltd.
2004 Discontinued Pattern Alert

One of the manufacturers below has informed us that your pattern(s) are being discontinued in 2004. Please click on the name of the manufacturer of your pattern to review which patterns are being discontinued. We currently have inventory in these patterns and would like to help you complete your set before these pieces become more difficult to find. You can order online, or by calling us toll-free at 1-800-REPLACE (1-800-737-5223) 9:00 am – 10:00 pm ET, 7 days (our average answer speed is 10 seconds!) Order now while pieces are still available!


Manufacturer List
222 Fifth (Pts) Johnson Brothers Royal Albert Crystal
American Atelier Kaiser Royal Crystal Rock
Baum Brothers Lenox China Royal Doulton China
Bernardaud Lenox Collectibles Royal Doulton Crystal
Block China Lenox Crystal Royal Worcester
Certified Int. Corp. Lenox Flatware Sakura
Christofle Flatware Lunt Silver Sango
Christopher Stuart Mikasa Sasaki China
Da Vinci Crystal Mikasa Crystal Sasaki Crystal
Dansk China Mikasa Silver Sasaki Flatware
Dansk Crystal Mottahedeh Spode China
Denby Crystal Muirfield China Stuart
Denby/Langley China Nikko Studio Nova
Gibson Designs Noritake Tabletops Unlimited
Gibson Flatware Oneida Thomson Pottery
Gorham China Pfaltzgraff China Tienshan
Gorham Crystal Portmeirion Towle
Gorham Silver Raynaud Vietri (Italy)
Guy Degrenne Reed & Barton Silver Waterford Crystal
Haviland Rosenthal/Continentl Waterford Flatware
Hutschenreuther China Rosina/Queens China Wilton (Armetale)
JCPenney China Royal Albert China Yamazaki Silver


Pattern List
Manufacturer Pattern Name
222 Fifth (Pts) Cheri's Roses
222 Fifth (Pts) Savannah
American Atelier Blossom Breeze (Rim,Stoneware)
American Atelier Bouquet Garni
American Atelier Chesapeake
American Atelier French Floral
American Atelier Monkey
American Atelier Ornaments
American Atelier Vineyard
Baum Brothers Bernadotte Ivory
Bernardaud Wiener
Block China Snow People
Block China Windsor Bone
Certified Int. Corp. Fruit Gallery
Certified Int. Corp. La Toscana
Certified Int. Corp. Sunrise
Christofle Flatware Integrale (Stainless)
Christopher Stuart Angles
Christopher Stuart Barbados
Christopher Stuart Newport
Christopher Stuart Southwest
Da Vinci Crystal Carrara
Da Vinci Crystal Cetona
Da Vinci Crystal Pisa
Da Vinci Crystal Pistoia
Dansk China Bing
Dansk China Mesa-Sky Blue (Portugal)
Dansk China Norwegian Blue
Dansk China Origami Talc
Dansk China Parisian Blue
Dansk China Reactic Plum
Dansk China Reactic Slate (Gray)
Dansk Crystal Genna
Dansk Crystal Genna-Azure Blue
Dansk Crystal Hanna-Amethyst
Denby Crystal Magnum
Denby Crystal Spirit
Denby/Langley China Harlequin
Denby/Langley China Juice-Apple
Denby/Langley China Juice-Berry
Denby/Langley China Juice-Coordinating Accessories
Denby/Langley China Juice-Lemon
Denby/Langley China Spirit
Denby/Langley China Spirit Blue
Gibson Designs Anapolis-Cobalt Blue
Gibson Designs Casualware-White Rim-Blue
Gibson Flatware Cuomo-Copper Accent (Stainless)
Gorham China Ridgewood Platinum
Gorham Crystal Diamond-Gold (Newer)
Gorham Crystal Emily's Attic-Pink
Gorham Crystal Martele
Gorham Silver Aspen Frosted
Gorham Silver Aura Twist (Stainless)
Gorham Silver Baluster (Stainless)
Gorham Silver Golden Ribbon Edge Frosted
Gorham Silver Grande Quintette (Stainless)
Gorham Silver Stephanie
Gorham Silver Stephanie Frosted
Gorham Silver Studio
Gorham Silver Tristan Ii Frosted (Stainless)
Gorham Silver Winfield (Stainless)
Guy Degrenne Acropole (Stainless)
Haviland Dammouse
Haviland Reve De Peintre
Haviland Turenne-Cobalt Blue
Hutschenreuther China Bianca (Galleria Shape)
Hutschenreuther China Iris
Hutschenreuther China Rebecca
Hutschenreuther China Viktoria
JCPenney China Classic-Ecru (Off White)
JCPenney China Classic-Soft Green
JCPenney China Snowflake (White Snowflakes)
Johnson Brothers Asiatic Pheasants-Black
Kaiser Marseille
Kaiser Romantica-All White
Lenox China Classic Edition
Lenox China Colore-Verde (Green)
Lenox China Erin
Lenox China Federal Platinum Christmas
Lenox China Hope
Lenox China Insignia
Lenox China Jacquard Gold
Lenox China Kara
Lenox China Lenox Village
Lenox China Lenox Village Giftware
Lenox China Matelasse
Lenox China Millennia
Lenox China Poppies On Blue Botanical
Lenox China Riverwood
Lenox China Winter Garden-Accessories
Lenox China Winter Garden-Amaryllis
Lenox China Winter Garden-Anemone
Lenox China Winter Garden-Camellia
Lenox China Winter Garden-Magnolia
Lenox China Winter Garden-Poinsetta
Lenox China Winter Garden-Winter Rose
Lenox Collectibles Snowlight Snowmen Christmas Ornaments
Lenox Collectibles Villages Around The World Christmas Plate
Lenox Crystal Nouveau
Lenox Crystal Phoenix Gold
Lenox Crystal Starfire
Lenox Crystal Starfire (Concord Barw)
Lenox Flatware Hancock Gold (Stainless,Gold Accent)
Lenox Flatware Kelly (Stainless)
Lunt Silver Golden Soleil (Sterling, 1995)
Lunt Silver Soleil
Mikasa Antique Platinum
Mikasa Audition
Mikasa Aztec Blue
Mikasa Bavarian Platinum
Mikasa Castle Berry
Mikasa Chelsea Court
Mikasa Christmas Story
Mikasa City Lights
Mikasa Claridge
Mikasa Classic Flair-White
Mikasa Currents
Mikasa Delacourt
Mikasa Ebony Mosaic
Mikasa English Estate
Mikasa Exhibit
Mikasa Firenze (Stoneware)
Mikasa Fruit Odyssey
Mikasa Fruit Panorama
Mikasa Garden Club (Newer, 2002)
Mikasa Headline
Mikasa Heirloom Gold
Mikasa High Point
Mikasa Interlude
Mikasa Libretto
Mikasa Nature's Song
Mikasa Palatial Holly Platinum
Mikasa Platinum Lace
Mikasa Plaza Lane
Mikasa Roman Jewel
Mikasa Terrazzo
Mikasa Tudor Row
Mikasa Wisteria
Mikasa Crystal Atrium
Mikasa Crystal Coventry
Mikasa Crystal English Garden
Mikasa Crystal Golden Lights
Mikasa Crystal Royalty
Mikasa Crystal Titan
Mikasa Silver Ambrose (Stainless)
Mikasa Silver Bamboo Natural (Stainless)
Mikasa Silver Eclipse (Stainless)
Mikasa Silver Empire Gold Ii
Mikasa Silver Estasi (Stainless, Gold Accent)
Mikasa Silver Latitudes Gold (Stainls,Gd Acct)
Mikasa Silver New Wave (Stainless)
Mikasa Silver Sheldon Satin
Mottahedeh Corail
Muirfield China Imari Blue
Muirfield China Imari Garden
Muirfield China Mashiko
Nikko Americana Christmas
Nikko Avondale
Nikko Greenwood
Nikko Inca Gold
Nikko Medley
Nikko Sheridan
Nikko Summer Glade
Nikko Tea Roses
Nikko Wild Berry
Nikko Winter Wonderland
Nikko Woodbury-Peach
Noritake Abilene
Noritake Arctic White
Noritake Chaparral
Noritake Golden Traditions
Noritake Kipling
Noritake Sedona
Noritake Sheridan Gold
Noritake Sonoma Gardens
Noritake Summer Estates (Korea)
Noritake Whitmore
Oneida Affection (Silverplate, 1960)
Oneida Arbor Rose/True Rose (Stainless)
Oneida Astragal (Stainless)
Oneida Bancroft (Stainless)
Oneida Belcourt (Silverplate, 1989)
Oneida Botticelli (Sterling, 1972)
Oneida Camber (Stainless)
Oneida Damask Rose (Sterling,1946,No Monograms)
Oneida Dover (Sterling, 1968)
Oneida Du Maurier (Sterling, 1967)
Oneida Grand Majesty (Sterling, 1976)
Oneida Grandeur (Sterling, 1960)
Oneida King James (Silverplate, 1985)
Oneida Lasting Spring (Strl,1949,No Monograms)
Oneida Michelangelo (Sterling, 1970)
Oneida Rendition
Oneida Stanton Hall (Sterling, 1951)
Oneida Torsade (Stainless)
Oneida Wordsworth (Stainless)
Pfaltzgraff China Atalya
Pfaltzgraff China Monaco
Portmeirion Botanic Garden Butterflies
Raynaud Bougainville-Yellow
Raynaud Lafayette
Raynaud Morning Glory (Spray)
Raynaud Morning Glory(Ring)
Raynaud Polka-Red
Reed & Barton Silver Santa of the World Spoons
Rosenthal/Continentl Finestra
Rosenthal/Continentl Il Faro White
Rosenthal/Continentl Polygon White
Rosenthal/Continentl Society
Rosina/Queens China Hooker's Fruit (Bone, Made In India)
Royal Albert China Chantilly-Platinum
Royal Albert China Old Country Roses Bakeware Coll
Royal Albert China Old Country Roses-Green Border
Royal Albert China Seasons Of Colour Spring-Accessories
Royal Albert China Seasons Of Colour-Red
Royal Albert China Seasons Of Colour-Spring Chintz
Royal Albert China Seasons Of Colour-Spring Garden
Royal Albert China Seasons Of Colour-Spring Trellis
Royal Albert Crystal Old Country Roses-Formal
Royal Crystal Rock Laurus
Royal Crystal Rock Opera
Royal Doulton China Brambly Hedge-Homeward Bound
Royal Doulton China Brambly Hedge-Meeting On The Sand
Royal Doulton China Brambly Hedge-Rigging The Boat
Royal Doulton China Broadway
Royal Doulton China Byron
Royal Doulton China Canterbury
Royal Doulton China Coleridge
Royal Doulton China Columbus
Royal Doulton China Frivolous Blue
Royal Doulton China Frivolous Green
Royal Doulton China Jacobean
Royal Doulton China Josephine (Gold Trim)
Royal Doulton China Josephine Platinum
Royal Doulton China Langdale Platinum
Royal Doulton China Lexington
Royal Doulton China Oxford-Blue
Royal Doulton China Oxford-Green (Indonesia)
Royal Doulton China Oxford-Platinum
Royal Doulton China Rowley
Royal Doulton China Vintage Grape (Octagonal)
Royal Doulton China Vintage Grape (Rust Sponge Border,Bakew)
Royal Doulton Crystal Oxford
Royal Doulton Crystal Oxford Gold
Royal Doulton Crystal Oxford Platinum
Royal Doulton Crystal Reflections
Royal Doulton Crystal Wellesley Gold
Royal Doulton Crystal Wellesley Platinum
Royal Doulton Crystal Wellesley-Clear
Royal Worcester Carina Blue
Royal Worcester Davenham Platinum
Royal Worcester Lille
Royal Worcester Medici-Green
Royal Worcester Medici-Ruby
Royal Worcester Millennium (Gold)
Royal Worcester Platinum Snowflakes
Royal Worcester Regency Stripe
Royal Worcester Sandringham
Sakura By The Sea (Made In China,Handpaint)
Sakura By The Sea (Made In Indonesia)
Sakura Coca Cola
Sakura Log Cabin
Sakura Splendor-Burgundy
Sango Athens
Sango Graphite
Sango Pearltone Gold
Sango Tuxedo
Sasaki China Athena
Sasaki China Aureole
Sasaki China Bamboo
Sasaki China Beaux
Sasaki China Colorstone-Birch (Texture)
Sasaki China Colorstone-Black (Matte)
Sasaki China Colorstone-Hunter Green (Texture)
Sasaki China Colorstone-Plum (Texture)
Sasaki China Colorstone-Sapphire (Texture)
Sasaki China Colorstone-White (Matte)
Sasaki China Delphi
Sasaki China Indigo
Sasaki China Magnolia
Sasaki China Moderna
Sasaki China Palazzo
Sasaki China Pompeii
Sasaki China Sevilla
Sasaki China Solstice
Sasaki China Tuscany
Sasaki China Villa De Fortuna
Sasaki Crystal Eclipse
Sasaki Crystal Metropolis
Sasaki Crystal Sengai
Sasaki Flatware Anelli (Stainless)
Sasaki Flatware Asana (Stainless)
Sasaki Flatware Double Helix (Stainless)
Sasaki Flatware Eros (Stainless)
Sasaki Flatware Object Pointus (Stainless)
Sasaki Flatware Orbit (Stainless)
Sasaki Flatware Pea Pod (Stainless)
Sasaki Flatware Senja (Stainless)
Sasaki Flatware Sienna (Stainless, Glossy)
Sasaki Flatware Wallis (Stainless)
Spode China Avignon
Spode China Chancellor Cobalt Platinum
Spode China Christmas Tree-65 Anniversary
Spode China Consul Cobalt
Spode China Dauphin
Spode China Festival-Brown
Spode China Holly Tree
Spode China Imperial Garden-Accessories
Spode China Knightsbridge-Cob. Blue
Spode China Lausanne
Spode China Opera
Spode China Opera Platinum
Spode China Penny Lane Leaf Band
Spode China Rochelle
Spode China Trapnell Sprays
Spode China Tuscana
Spode China Vermicelli-Yellow
Stuart Beaconsfield (Straight Stem)
Stuart Glengarry/Cambridge
Stuart Valencia
Studio Nova Courtyard
Studio Nova Exhibition
Studio Nova Gingham Blue
Studio Nova Ontario
Studio Nova Orchard Jewels
Tabletops Unlimited Carnival
Tabletops Unlimited Cassina-Black
Tabletops Unlimited Cassina-Plum
Tabletops Unlimited Cassina-Sage
Thomson Pottery Snowy Snowman
Thomson Pottery Winterland-Blue
Tienshan Magnolia
Towle Hamilton (Stainless,Satin Handle,Korea)
Towle Santa Barbara Gold (Stainless)
Vietri (Italy) Colore
Vietri (Italy) Fiori Belli
Vietri (Italy) Oasi
Waterford Crystal Allegra Optic
Waterford Crystal Claria Platinum
Waterford Flatware Celtic Braid-Matte (Stainless)
Waterford Flatware Greenwich (Stainless)
Wilton (Armetale) Plough Tavern (Armetale, Holloware)
Wilton (Armetale) Plough Tavern (Armetale,Holloware,Satin)
Yamazaki Silver Affair (Stainless)
Yamazaki Silver Chambray (Stainless)
Yamazaki Silver Chambray Satin (Stainless)
Yamazaki Silver Icon Ice
Yamazaki Silver Jardin (Stainless)
Yamazaki Silver Mistral Ice
Yamazaki Silver Muse Ice (Stainless)
Yamazaki Silver Tasha (Stainless)
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