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Archive Collection by Belleek Pottery (Irish)

In celebration of their 150th anniversary, Belleek has released 15 designs in quite unique china giftware, with each piece based on original Belleek designs representing different decades in the amazing history of this Irish company.  Each piece in the Archive Collection is individually numbered, and available in the limited quantities indicated below.  Order a few of these beautiful pieces.

Belleek 3-Handled Cup by Belleek Pottery

Shamrock 3-Handle Cup (Code: CUP3H, 3 3/4" height)
This distinctive cup was produced sometime between 1891 and 1926.  Belleek speculates that the design for the cup was initially done as a test piece, as Belleek never placed the item in any of their catalogues.  Three-handled vessels were once called “Hydria” and were used to carry water in ancient Greece.  During the 20th century, hydria became popular objects d’art. Belleek added their own sense of Irish style to this ancient vessel with the addition of the shamrock pattern.
Limited Edition of 350

Belleek Shamrock Oval Covered Vegetable

Shamrock Oval Covered Vegetable Bowl (Code: OCV, 12" length)
By the 1920’s, Belleek Pottery had garnered a well-respected reputation for producing tasteful decorative accessories. It is at this time that they began producing various dinnerware lines. This gorgeous covered vegetable bowl with handles was designed by Frederick Slater who found inspiration for the piece in one of Belleek’s earlier earthenware patterns. This piece has been retired from Belleek’s catalogue for more than 60 years.
Limited Edition of 600

Belleek Shamrock Oval Serving Platter

Shamrock Oval Platter (Code: PL15, 15" length)
This platter is another example of pieces from the Belleek’s early dinnerware services. Featuring traditional Irish styling, this piece became an instant design success. In 1894, Frederick Slater was hired to be the head of Belleek’s design department. He brought with him a tremendous amount of skill that he had gained from various positions at Stoke-on-Trent pottery firms.  Frederick Slater designed this piece, along with others, to accompany Belleek’s emerging line of dinnerware and dinnerware accessories.
Limited Edition of 800

Belleek Celtic Tea Pot and Lid

Celtic Tea Pot and Lid (Code: TP, 3 3/4" height)
This teapot was originally designed to accompany a larger collection of Celtic-themed tea service pieces. While very few of these tea services were produced, the larger Celtic lines of the 1920’s proved to be very successful for Belleek. A Hungarian born designer named Madam Boroniuxz is said to have crafted all Celtic pieces. This teapot was often called a “tall” teapot to differentiate it from others that were more traditionally shaped.
Limited Edition of 600

Belleek Shamrock Muffin Dish with Lid

Shamrock Muffin Dish with Lid (Code: MUD, 7 3/4" diameter)
Late in the 1870’s, Belleek produced a series of tea services with a shamrock theme. Designed by the highly-respected Michael Maguire, these tea services were astonishingly popular but some pieces were eventually retired from production. This muffin dish is one such example. 87 years after its retirement, this distinctive tea service accessory muffin dish with lid is being reintroduced to much fanfare and welcome.
Limited Edition of 800

Belleek Echinus Footed Bowl

Echinus Footed Bowl (Code: BFT8, 8 1/2" height)
This gorgeous piece was commissioned by the British Royal Family in 1868 to accompany the “Prince of Wales Tea Service” produced earlier for the royal family.  The collection was designed by Robert Armstrong and represented the first major commission by the Royal Family to Belleek Pottery.  The bowl was produced through the 1920’s. Later, it was reintroduced during the 1950’s and again in 1970’s. The Echinus Footed Bowl remained in the archives until it was selected for limited production as part of the Archive Collection.
Limited Edition of 350

Belleek Dolphin Candlestick

Dolphin Candlestick (Code: CDOLP, 8" height)
Cherubs were immensely popular in home during the latter half of the 19th century. In response to this trend, Belleek designed this lovely cherub or “putto” candlestick. A “putto” is an image of a fattened baby often used to represent an angel.  Belleek employees actually found this forgotten design in storage. The stamp on the original piece indicated that it was most likely produced around 1868. As they further investigated, they found that it was displayed at the Paris Exhibition of 1900 and it was produced through the 1920’s. It was briefly reintroduced in 1980’s before being placed back in the archive.
Limited Edition of 400

Belleek Shamrock Panel Vase

Shamrock Panel Vase (Code: VASPA8, 8 1/2" height)
Belleek states that shapes and pieces from their inventory are constantly evolving. One such example of this is the shamrock panel vase. The piece was first introduced to the consumer market in the 1890’s and was hand-painted with floral décor. Later the vase morphed into a crested piece. By the mid-1920’s the vase assumed its current form with Irish shamrocks. It was one of Belleek’s most popular pieces but was discontinued in 1980. Today, this popular vase is being reintroduced as part of the Archive Collection.
Limited Edition of 2,000

Belleek Shamrock Spill/Typha Vase

Typha Spill Vase (Code: VSPT7, 7 1/4" height)
This piece is also known as a “Typha Spill Jug.” Typha, a type of wild grass, is also known as “cattails” in the United States and “bulrushes” in Great Britain. Wild grass adorned this vase when it was first designed. Later, the typha decoration was replaced with shamrocks. The piece was very popular with Belleek consumers until its retirement in 1980. Today, this piece is being revived as part of the Archive Collection release.
Limited Edition of 2,500

Belleek Shamrock Spill Vase

Shamrock Spill Vase (Code: VASSP5, 5 1/2" height)
This vase design was rediscovered in a collection of photographs in Belleek’s archives. Curators believe this is one of the oldest shamrock designs created by Belleek Pottery. The embossed design was extremely popular until the 1980’s. The shamrock spill vase was eventually taken out of production and replaced with a newer design. We are very excited to offer this historic Belleek design as part of the Archive Collection.
Limited Edition of 2,500

Belleek Shamrock Round Tower Vase

Shamrock Round Tower Vase Vase (Code: VASRT, 8 1/2" height)
The round tower figural vase can be used as a flower vase or a centerpiece. The round tower design came about at the end of the 19th century. Researchers were unable to find this piece in any of Belleek’s catalogues and it is now believed that it may have been designed for an exhibition. A collector of Belleek Pottery returned a copy of the vase to the Belleek factory in the early 1980’s. When Belleek received this treasure, they began searching for the original molds and found them. Today, this exhibition piece is being reproduced to mark Belleek’s 150th anniversary.
Limited Edition of 800

Belleek Flower Pot

Flower Pot (Code: FLP4, 4 1/2" height)
This piece is a stunning representation of Belleek’s ability to design functional and beautiful pottery. Unlike other potters, Belleek waited longer to introduce items that were decorated in floral motifs. In fact, floral pieces did not begin appearing in Belleek catalogues until 1872. Artist William Henshall designed most of Belleek’s earliest floral pieces, including this flower pot.
Limited Edition of 900

Belleek Pig Figurine

Pig Figurine (Code: FIGP, 3" height)
One of the more interesting stories in the Archive Collection is the story behind the pig figurine.  Legend has it that this lifelike figural pig brings good luck to anyone who owns him. Pigs were often called the “gentleman in the corner” in Ireland. In 19th century Ireland, pigs were generally kept in good health because, should a crisis arise in a family, a pig could be sold to pay the rent or mortgage. Poor farmers often treated the “gentleman in the corner” with great care, and they were a prime asset!  Given Belleek’s sustained success for 150 years, it is safe to assume they have a few of these lucky figural pigs strategically placed throughout their campus!
Limited Edition of 650

Belleek Open Weave Basket

Rectangular Open Weave Basket (Code: BSORE8, 8" length)
Belleek’s famed designer, William Henshall, design this festive porcelain basket to accompany the company’s early floral offerings. The basket was made available for purchase during the 1880’s and became immensely popular. The basket is sometimes called the “Henshall” basket in honor of the designer. Today, this piece has been recreated to accompany Belleek’s 150th anniversary Archive Collection.
Limited Edition of 350

Belleek Pottery Scene Plate

Pottery Scene Plate (Code: PSPLA, 8" diameter)
The design for this embossed, shamrock motif plate was taken from an engraved print that was used to adorn Belleek teapot stands. The view is that of the Johnson Hotel (the name was later changed to the Carlton Hotel). The bridge in front of the hotel was built during the 1700’s. During the 1950’s, it was replaced. Behind the hotel, one can see the “bottle kilns” of Belleek pottery. During the 1960’s these kilns were replaced with electric ones. The landscape surrounding the hotel and pottery manufacturer has changed a great deal over the course of the last century.
Limited Edition of 2,000

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