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Lancaster by Adams We are offering select pieces in the patterns below at unprecedented discount levels. These discounts are only available for a limited time, so be sure to act now to take advantage of this special pricing. You can order online, or by calling us toll-free at 1-800-REPLACE (1-800-737-5223) 9:00 am – 10:00 pm ET, 7 days (we answer the phone very quickly!). If you don’t want entire place settings, consider a few items, while at these great prices, to complete your set. Order now!

Manufacturer Pattern Pattern #
Adams China Lancaster
Adams China Veruschka
Block China Country Farm
Block China Country Village
Block China Trillium
Christopher Stuart Autumn Harmony HK213
Christopher Stuart Bali Hai Y0001
Christopher Stuart La Brea HK214
Chase, Lynn Flores
Dansk Silver Thistle (Stainless)
Fitz/Floyd St. Nicholas
Gorham Crystal Ariana (Newer, Plain)
Gorham Crystal Cherrywood-Clear
Gorham Crystal Jolie
Gorham Crystal King Edward
Gorham Silver Castle Hill (Stainless)
Gorham Silver Classic Key (Stainless)
Gorham Silver Jolie (Stainless)
Gorham Silver Nouveau (Stainless)
Gorham Silver White Paisley (Sterling, 1966) 1966
International Silver Alhambra (Stainless)
International Silver Cotillion (Stainless)
International Silver Gigi (Stainless)
International Silver Resplendence (Stainless)
International Silver Richelieu (Sterling, 1935) 12801,WC530/I275
International Silver Romanesque (Stainless)
International Silver Silver Melody (Sterling, 1955) 1955/I578
Internationl/Sunmarc Christmas Celebration 168
Internationl/Sunmarc Ella's Rooster 106
Internationl/Sunmarc Heartland SY7774
Johnson Brothers Athena
Johnson Brothers Blue Nordic
Johnson Brothers Cornflower
Johnson Brothers Coaching Scenes-Blue
Johnson Brothers Eternal Beau
Johnson Brothers Fresh Fruit
Johnson Brothers His Majesty
Johnson Brothers Marie
Johnson Brothers Merry Christmas
Johnson Brothers Old English-White (Undecorated)
Johnson Brothers Spring Medley
Kirk Stieff Silver Breakers (Stainless)
Kirk Stieff Silver Parallel (Stainless)
Lenox China Abigail
Lenox China Amethyst
Lenox China Bellaire (Newer)
Lenox China Buttercups On Blue (For The Blue)
Lenox China Buchanan
Lenox China Castle Garden
Lenox China Carolina (Blue Flowers)
Lenox China Celtic Braid
Lenox China Charleston
Lenox China City Chic
Lenox China Country Blue
Lenox China Columbia
Lenox China Constance 916
Lenox China Country Romance
Lenox China Emily
Lenox China Erica
Lenox China Eternal Christmas
Lenox China Flirtation
Lenox China Georgian Shell
Lenox China Glories On Grey (For The Grey)
Lenox China Gramercy
Lenox China Haverford Hall
Lenox China Haverford Hall-New
Lenox China Helmsley
Lenox China Holiday-Platinum (Platinum Trim)
Lenox China Iris On Grey (For The Grey)
Lenox China Lammermoor
Lenox China Lace Point
Lenox China Litchfield Garden
Lenox China Morning Blossom
Lenox China Monterey
Lenox China Moonspun
Lenox China Mt. Vernon
Lenox China Natural Accent Granite
Lenox China Noblesse
Lenox China Orleans Blue
Lenox China Patriot (Gold Verge)
Lenox China Raleigh
Lenox China Regency Black
Lenox China Reverie (Platinum Trim)
Lenox China Riverdale
Lenox China Rose Manor-Pink
Lenox China Serenade
Lenox China Silver Springs
Lenox China Snow Lily
Lenox China Somerset (Newer)
Lenox China Springdale (Platinum Trim)
Lenox China Tyler
Lenox China Versailles
Lenox China Whitley Manor
Lenox China Winslow Castle
Lenox Crystal Belmont
Lenox Crystal Classic Federal Gold
Lenox Crystal Classic Laurel
Lenox Crystal Grandeur
Lenox Crystal Starfire (Newer, Allegro Shape)
Lenox Crystal Statuesque Optic (Gold)
Lenox Crystal Weatherly (Platinum Trim)
Lauren, Ralph-China Farmstead Ticking-Blue
Lauren, Ralph-China Homestead
Lauren, Ralph-China Meredith
Lunt Silver Belle Meade (Sterling, 1967) 1967
Lunt Silver Lace Point (Sterling, 1965) 1965
Lunt Silver Mignonette (Sterling,1960) 1960
Lunt Silver Rapallo (Sterling, 1968) 1968
Lunt Silver Rondelay (Sterling, 1963) 1963
Mikasa Crystal Calla Lily XY711
Mikasa Crystal Italian Countryside (Cut Bowl) XY821
Mikasa Crystal Tiara SN120
Mikasa April Rose A7053,A7056,B2053
Mikasa Della Robbia-Blue M5114
Mikasa Exotic Garden CAK26
Mikasa Fantazz CAC64
Mikasa Festive Season EB451
Mikasa Florisse Black L2841
Mikasa Floradora M2490
Mikasa French Embassy-Red L2829
Mikasa Garden Poetry CAC08
Mikasa Golden Legacy LAN18
Mikasa Harrow 129,A1129
Mikasa Just Flowers A4182,A4184
Mikasa Life Style CAC18
Mikasa Meadow Sun CAC02
Mikasa Noir A4102
Mikasa Opus-Black FK701
Mikasa Regal Court LAP13
Mikasa Remembrance AB002/B212
Mikasa Santa Fe CAC24
Mikasa Sea Quest M3301
Mikasa Silk Moire CAG01
Mikasa Something Blue A7051
Mikasa Solitude A5166
Mikasa Spring Tradition CAB02
Mikasa Strawberry Fair CAC55
Mikasa Tropez L5504
Mikasa Villa Medici CV900
Mikasa Whole Wheat E8000/DX10
Noritake Darnell 4154
Noritake Gold And Sable 9758
Noritake Lunceford 3884
Noritake Marywood 2181
Noritake Ranier 6909
Noritake Savannah (Rim-Platinum) 2031
Noritake Silk Garland 3792
Noritake Solemn Emerald 7322
Noritake Spell Binder 9733
Noritake Sterling Cove 7720
Noritake Vienna 2796
Nikko Christmas Tradition
Nikko Hampton 915
Orrefors Harmony
Oscar De La Renta English Tapestry LF005/9604
Pfaltzgraff China Aura-Pink
Pfaltzgraff China Christmas Heirloom
Pfaltzgraff China Heirloom
Pfaltzgraff China Meadow Lane
Pfaltzgraff China Poetry-Glossy
Pfaltzgraff China Remembrance (Center Decal)
Pfaltzgraff China Trousseau
Pfaltzgraff China Village
Portmeirion Harvest Blue
Portmeirion The Holly And The Ivy
Ricci (Argentieri) Art Deco (Silverplate)
Royal Crown Derby Ambassador A1305
Royal Crown Derby Blue Aves A1309
Royal Crown Derby Black Aves (Gold Trim) A1310
Royal Crown Derby Blue Mikado
Royal Crown Derby Carlton-Red A1301
Royal Crown Derby Dauphin A1322
Royal Crown Derby Old Imari Border A1314
Royal Doulton China Augustine TC1196
Royal Doulton China Carlyle H5018
Royal Doulton China Forsyth H5197
Royal Doulton China Harlow H5034
Royal Doulton China Heather (Gold Trim) H5089
Reed & Barton Silver Classic Rose (Sterling, 1954) 1954
Reed & Barton Silver Crescendo (Stainless,Glossy) 1987
Reed & Barton Silver Diamante (Stainless)
Reed & Barton Silver Dimension (Sterling, 1961) 1961
Reed & Barton Silver French Renaissance (Sterling,1941) 1941
Reed & Barton Silver Hammered Antique (Stainless)
Royal Grafton Noel
Rogaska Galleria (Cut)
Rosina/Queens China Yuletide (Scalloped)
Royal Worcester Beaufort-Rust-Red
Royal Worcester Evesham Gold
Royal Worcester Gold Chantilly
Royal Worcester Rio
Sakura Barns
Sakura Winter
Spode China Billingsley Rose-Pink (New Backstamp) 2/8867
Spode China Christmas Tree-Green Trim S3324
Spode China Clifton S3418
Spode China Gainsborough (Marlborough) S245
Spode China Geranium-Green (Camilla Shape) S3533
Spode China Jewel C1890
Spode China Pink Camilla (Scalloped,New Black Stamp)
Spode China Ribbons & Roses Y8553
Spode China Victoria (Newer) F1681,S3425
Sasaki China Tartan Plaid-Red
Towle Canterbury (Sterling,1893) 1893/T038
Towle Charlemagne (Sterling, 1963) 1963/T064
Towle Debussy (Sterling, 1959) 1959/T055
Towle Laureate (Sterling, 1968) 1968/T081
Towle Mandarin (Sterling, 1972) 1972/T099
Towle Marchesa (Stainless)
Villeroy/Boch China Holly
Villeroy/Boch China Naif Christmas
Wallace Silver French Shell (Stainless, 18-8, Japan)
Wallace Silver Weatherly (Stainless)
Waterford Crystal Arcadia
Waterford Crystal Chelsea (Gold Trim)
Wedgwood China Bianca (No #,Wedgwood Mark)
Wedgwood China Campion
Wedgwood China Carlyn W4302
Wedgwood China Chinese Flowers R4498
Wedgwood China Chippendale-Blue & Rust
Wedgwood China Chinese Teal
Wedgwood China Chinese Tigers-Green
Wedgwood China Conway AK8384
Wedgwood China Crown Emerald
Wedgwood China Cuckoo R4497
Wedgwood China Devon Rose
Wedgwood China Drabware (Newer)
Wedgwood China Empress Ruby
Wedgwood China Fleur Damask
Wedgwood China Fleur
Wedgwood China Florentine-Black W4312
Wedgwood China Florentine-Blue W1956
Wedgwood China Florentine-Gold W4219
Wedgwood China Gardenia R4628
Wedgwood China Kutani Crane R4464
Wedgwood China Medici R4588
Wedgwood China Mirabelle R4537
Wedgwood China Oceanside
Wedgwood China Preston
Wedgwood China Provence (Queensware)
Wedgwood China Romantic England-Blue
Wedgwood China Rosalie
Wedgwood China Rosedale R4665
Wedgwood China Rosemeade
Wedgwood China Runnymede-Blue W4472
Wedgwood China Silver Ermine (R4452, Contour Shape) R4452
Wedgwood China Swallow (Yell-Brwntrim) R4467
Wedgwood China Ulander-Black R4407
Wedgwood China Valencia
Wedgwood China Vintage Blue
Wedgwood China Waverley
Wedgwood China Westbury R4410
Wedgwood China Williamsburg Potpourri NK510,TKD510
Wedgwood Crystal Dynasty
Wedgwood Crystal Majesty
Wedgwood Crystal Monarch
Wedgwood Crystal Royal Gold
Wedgwood Crystal Sovereign
Yamazaki Silver Byzantine (Stainless-Gold Accent)
Yamazaki Silver Byzantine (Stainless)
Yamazaki Silver Cove (Stainless-Glossy)
Yamazaki Silver Eternity
Yamazaki Silver Eternity (Stainless,Gold Accent)
Yamazaki Silver Florian (Stainless-Glossy Finish)
Yamazaki Silver Fortuny (Stainless)
Yamazaki Silver Fortuny (Stainless-Gold Accent)
Yamazaki Silver Iris Gold (Stainless)
Yamazaki Silver Iris (Stainless, Glossy Finish)
Yamazaki Silver L'Fleur (Stainless,Glossy)
Yamazaki Silver Lindi (Stainless-Glossy Finish)
Yamazaki Silver Lindi (Stainless,Gold Knot Accent)
Yamazaki Silver Monique Gold (Stainless-Gold Accent)
Yamazaki Silver Monique (Stainless)
Yamazaki Silver Nordika (Stainless)
Yamazaki Silver Ramona Gold (Stainless)
Yamazaki Silver Regalia (Stainless)
Yamazaki Silver Tulle (Stainless, Glossy Finish)
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