Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

“Fergie,” a six-pound, six-year-old blue fawn chihuahua, belongs to John Griffith, a member of the visual merchandising team at Replacements, Ltd. Fergie lives at home with her two older brothers, “ChiChi” and “Puffy.”

Although Fergie is the youngest and smallest of the brood, she is definitely the alpha of the group! Fergie also completely refuses to wear a collar. John said, “I tried to get her used to wearing a collar when she was about eight weeks old. But when I first put her collar on, she seized up, fell over on her side, and remained paralyzed for about four hours! In the days that followed, I tried the same routine in hopes that Fergie would settle into wearing a collar - this was not the case. The last time I tried, Fergie refused to move for almost six hours, and I decided she would not be required to wear a collar!”

When asked about working at Replacements, John said, “I love working at Replacements because of our corporate philosophy of service and commitment to our pets, our employees, our neighbors, and our community.”

When asked what he likes most about the Replacements pet policy, John said, “Bringing Fergie to work is a great way to relieve stress, brighten the day, and build connections between coworkers.”

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