Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

“Chloe” is a miniature brown dachshund who belongs to David McNaught, manager of facilities at Replacements, Ltd. “I got Chloe from a farmer about twelve years ago,” David said. According to David, Chloe is so obedient he can let her loose in the yard and she will always stay close, and always comes when she’s called. Chloe also knows the sound of David’s truck, and will be eagerly waiting at the door for him when he gets home. “She is very gentle to everyone – especially to kids,” David said. “When my daughter was little, they loved to play together. Even when my daughter played a little rough, Chloe would never be aggressive with her.”

For many years, Chloe was best friends with a full-sized dachshund. “They were never apart, and kept each other warm during the winter,” David said. “He passed away seven years ago, and I think Chloe still misses him today.” Now that Chloe is older, her favorite thing to do is to sleep on the back porch and enjoy the hot sun. “Often she will spend time with my parents, and they treat her like another grandchild,” David said.

David said one of the many great benefits to being able to bring your pet to work is the amount of time it saves him. “When Chloe has a doctor’s appointment or if I need to drop her off to board her when going on a trip, I can take her straight from work.” Although Chloe doesn’t come to work with David all the time, he still appreciates Replacements’ pet-friendly policy. “When I do bring Chloe to work, she lies under my desk and you would never know she is there. She is very sweet and quiet, and is always eager to be petted – she puts a smile on everyone who sees her!”

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