Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

Our featured pets this month are “Bailey,” a Beagle mix, and “Molly,” half Lab and half Golden Retriever, who live with Blair Friday, Chief Information Officer at Replacements, Ltd.

Although Bailey was named after the popular comic strip character, Beetle Bailey, Blair’s family refers to him by a more appropriate name: “Beagle Bailey.” Blair and Bailey first met when a local animal shelter came to Replacements looking for volunteers to foster puppies too young to be adopted. “The first night I took Bailey home, my five-year-old son and I were giving him a bath when my son asked, ‘If we’re keeping him until he’s old enough to find a home, why can’t this be his home?’ and Bailey’s been with us ever since!” Blair said. According to Blair, Bailey is true to his breed, and is always tracking and chasing wild animals in and around the yard.

Molly came into Blair’s life when his son’s baseball coach brought a litter of puppies to a game, and Blair’s family immediately fell in love with all of them. “We even ended up finding homes for three of Molly’s brothers and sisters with our friends,” Blair said. Although Molly is much younger than Bailey, she has the more dominant personality, according to Blair. “If Bailey does something wrong, Molly confronts him and barks at him as though she is telling him to behave.” Molly also loves to be with and play with the whole family. “We have two active boys, and Molly especially loves it when we play baseball,” Blair said. “She plays both infield and outfield, and if she can’t make a catch she’ll run down the ball and get it back to the pitcher as quick as she can!”

When asked about Replacements’ pet-friendly environment, Blair said, “Molly and Bailey don’t come to work with me often, but it’s nice to be able to bring them on special occasions, and I appreciate the way Replacements regards pets as being an extension of our families. The number one question I get from people when they realize I work at Replacements is if I bring my dogs to work.” When asked about working at Replacements in general, Blair said, “Replacements is a great place to work. The company really cares about employees and their families (both two- and four-legged). I also appreciate Replacements’ involvement in the community, and the way the company encourages all employees to get involved to make our community a better place.”

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