Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

"Rogue,"€ an american bulldog puppy, is a recent addition to the family of Early Williams, MRO buyer at Replacements, Ltd. "Rogue came to us by way of a friend's granddaughter who had moved into an apartment, only to find out that pets were not allowed. We were asked to find a good home for her new puppy, who did not yet have a name,"€ Early said. “However, Rogue was such a sweetie that after a few days we could not part with her, and she became part of the family.” They named the new puppy Rogue, after Early's wife's favorite character in the "X-Men"€ films. Early said, "Like the character in the films, Rogue's hair is two different colors - and she can be mischievous!"

"Rogue looks up to and tries to emulate our doberman, "Grace," who has become her adoptive mother,"€ Early said. “Wherever Grace is in our yard, Rogue is close behind, trying to keep pace. "Rogue also has an adoptive pit bull brother, "Hennessey,"€ who is a month or two older. "Being pups, Hennessey and Rogue are playing and wrestling non-stop, and Rogue wins her fair share of the matches,"€ Early said. Oh, and did we mention Rogue was rather mischievous? "Rogue is growing tall quickly, and has learned to use her height to get her nose up on the table while we are fixing dinner," Early said. "She has stolen a plate or two when our backs are turned. It's a habit we're having a hard time breaking, as she loves to eat!"€

When asked about the pet-friendly policy at Replacements, Early said, "While I may not bring my dogs every day, it is great to know that one of the many benefits at Replacements is the option to bring one (or more if I'm feeling lucky!) of them in to work to spend the day with me. They get so much love and attention no matter which one I decide to bring in with me "though each of my coworkers has a favorite!"

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