Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

Maxwell ("Max"€) Durham, an adorable two-month-old yorkie puppy, is the newest addition to the family of Karol Durham, a china/crystal inventory specialist at Replacements, Ltd. Max was born on November 9th, 2012, one of a litter of five puppies. Max's foster parents raised him until he was eight weeks old, when he was adopted by Karol and her husband.

Since the beginning of the year, Max has started coming to work with Karol almost every day. "Max loves his days at Replacements, since he gets to explore the huge warehouse while following me as I work,"€ Karol said. "He is still potty training, and has had a few accidents while at work. However, I am working with him at work and at home to get him potty trained as fast as possible!"€ Max gets dressed for work each day in his red harness "€“ he even has a mock employee badge! According to Karol, Max is a little bundle of energy at home. "He loves running through the house, and really loves it when he gets to go outside and play,"€ Karol said. Max also loves trying to play with his big brother, " Tanner,"€ an adult beagle mix, but Tanner doesn't share Max's enthusiasm. "Tanner's patience with Max is getting better as the days go by,"€ Karol said.

When asked about the pet-friendly policy at Replacements, Karol said, "I am so lucky to work for a company like Replacements, Ltd., whose pet-friendly policy allows us to work together daily. I really like that Replacements allows Max to mingle among the other employees and brighten their days as they work."€ Karol added, "I am thankful that Replacements is a company that promotes friendliness among its employees as well as its four-legged friends!"€

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