Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

Jan Giacomini, a member of Replacements, Ltd. internet services department, wasn’t expecting to adopt a cat when she attended a local adoption fair, but “Giggles” soon won her over. “When I moved into an apartment, I started looking for a small dog and making plans to make my cubicle here at work more dog-friendly,” Jan said. “Then I went to a pet adoption fair to see if I could find a special friend – little did I know my life and plans would totally change!”

According to Jan, the first pet she saw at the adoption fair was a large cat named Giggles. When Jan made mention of the cat’s exceptional size, she was informed that Giggles was about eight years old, and that no one had shown interest in adopting her so far. “I asked if I could hold her, and she immediately hid her face under my neck and started purring. I knew at that moment that even though I had come to adopt a dog, I was going home with Giggles!”

Jan said, “Giggles adapted to her new life a lot faster than I expected. At first, she mostly just ate and found places in the apartment to hide and sleep. But I always talked to her, and slowly she began to trust me. Now she greets me at the door when I come home, and makes sure she gets her loving before I do anything else!” Giggles doesn't like to be held, though, and doesn't like to sit in Jan’s lap. However, she will snuggle with Jan on the sofa or bed whenever she’s sitting still.

“Giggles loves to go out on the patio and chase the birds. That’s her territory, and she makes sure her presence is known out there!” Jan said. “She is also learning how to play, and doesn't run away when she hears a plastic shopping bag anymore. We have learned to respect our personal spaces, and I am thankful she shares her home with me.”

When asked about working at Replacements, Jan said, “I have worked at Replacements for fifteen years, and the diverse culture we have makes it a great place to work. In a way, we are all family, including our pets. And since my family lives in Brazil, it is great to belong to the Replacements’ family. One of the biggest benefits we have here is that we always have several four-legged friends around, so you always have a wagging tail to cheer you up!”

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