Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

“Frosty” is a beautiful white pigeon who belongs to Kristina Anthony, a manager in the retail store at Replacements Ltd. Kristina came to acquire Frosty quite by surprise on a particularly cold day in January of 2012. Kristina said, “I had just spent my lunch break attempting to capture a little wren that had somehow slipped in the warehouse. After successfully catching the little fellow and releasing him outside, we noticed a white pigeon that kept hovering around the reflective windows that front the retail store. By afternoon, the pigeon was found huddled and looking very weak at the entrance where the automatic door opens, attempting to get warm.”

Concerned about the freezing temperatures and the pigeon’s poor condition, Kristina decided she would try to rescue him with the same box she had used to rescue the wren. When she walked over to Frosty and knelt down near him with the box, what happened next was a total surprise. “He jumped right into the box as if it were his home! That's when I realized he must be a tame pigeon, and used to being in a coop. I took him home where, with proper food and care, he bounced back and is doing great.”

Frosty currently shares a house with Kristina’s four cats. “No interaction is allowed!” Kristina laughs. According to Kristina, Frosty is quite vocal, cooing and calling throughout the day. “He also loves to fluff himself up and strut in circles in front of the mirror,” Kristina said. “I’m not sure if he thinks his reflection is a rival bird, or if he is just admiring himself!”

When asked about working at Replacements, Kristina said, “When I started working at Replacements, I knew it was a one-of-a-kind business with many opportunities. Within my first month of being here, I told my mom I was going to work here until I retired, and eighteen years later I am still working toward that goal! Replacements provides such great benefits, along with an atmosphere to work in that is both professional and friendly.”

Regarding the pet-friendly policy at Replacements, Kristina said, “Our pet policy is just one more benefit that sets Replacements apart. Working in the retail store, it is always great to see customers’ surprise and joy with being able to bring their pets inside to shop with them – we see several each day. And employees take special pride in being able to bring their ‘extended family members’ with them to work.”

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