Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

"Mollie"€ is an adorable eleven-year-old, four-pound pekinese and pug mix who belongs to Whitney Hammer, a purchasing agent in the purchasing department of Replacements, Ltd.

In describing how Mollie came into her life, Whitney said, "My daughter and I take donations to the animal shelter about once a month. On one particular drop-off, my three-year-old begged to go back and look at the dogs. When we went into the kennel room, the dogs were all going crazy, jumping and barking as usual. As we came to the end of the row, Mollie was asleep on a towel in the back of her cage. I immediately thought she would be perfect for us!"€

After reading her paperwork, Whitney learned that Mollie has been rescued from a puppy mill, where she was terribly abused. "I couldn't leave her there, so she came home with us,"€ Whitney said. "The first night she slept as close as she could get to me, and hasn't left my side since. The day after we adopted her and I brought her to work, she didn't even need a leash walking around outside "€she stayed right at my feet!"€ Mollie loves the attention she gets from everyone here at work. Mollie also loves her bed and loves to be held. "You can really tell she is thankful to be in a loving home, and we are thankful to have found her!"€ Whitney said. "She is a huge blessing to our family."€

When asked about the pet-friendly policy at Replacements, Whitney said, "I absolutely love the pet-friendly policy here at Replacements. No matter how bad of a day you are having or how stressed you are, you can walk around and be greeted by a care-free, happy dog. It really makes for a less stressful workplace and a happier place in general."€

Whitney added, "Replacements to me is an amazing opportunity. I like the working environment, the diversity, and the respect that is shown to everyone in Replacements. I also like the challenges "€every day I learn something new or see something I have never seen before. I look forward toward to this, and coming to work is a pleasure."€

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