Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

"Lily"€ is a loving, eight-year-old jack russell terrier/doberman mix who comes to work with her owner, Jeff Boothby, a purchasing agent in the Replacements, Ltd. purchasing department. Jeff said, "There are two things that I can always remember loving since I was a child: dogs and cars. Unfortunately, growing up I was never able to convince my parents to get a dog."€

When Jeff moved to North Carolina from New England, he was elated to finally be able to get a dog of his own. Wanting a rescue dog, Jeff visited to the SPCA where, according to Jeff, Lily was the one who picked him. "It was love at first sight!"€ Jeff said. "I was told Lily was a full-blooded doberman, so I proceeded to get the largest crate they had at the pet store. I've since found out that, although Lily is amazing, she is clearly not a full-blooded doberman. She never hit much of a growth spurt "€“ other than growing a bit outwards!"€

Jeff describes Lily as his best friend and shadow. She loves coming to work with Jeff, and goes crazy when he even mentions the word "work."€ "She has many friends here who she loves to see,"€ Jeff said. "And she is always eager to meet and sniff new people."€ Lily also has a little "boyfriend"€ at Replacements: a boston terrier named "BoBo"€ who she adores.

When asked about working at Replacements, Jeff said, "I was impressed with what I had heard about Replacements, Ltd. before moving here "€“ especially their pet-friendly policy. I have always thought how great it would be to be able to bring your dog to work with you. I feel so lucky to work here, and I love being able to have Lily with me as much as she loves being here!"€

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