Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

"Melanie,"€ an adorable (and adventurous!) kitten, is the newest addition to the family of Aisa Turman, an internet marketing/report specialist at Replacements, Ltd. Melanie first came into Aisa's life when the wife of another Replacements employee found her abandoned in the middle of the road and she was brought in to see if someone would like to adopt her. " Tamara, the cat-lover that she is, was walking around with the kitten and asked if I wanted him,"€ Aisa said. "After a quick text to my children to ask if they wanted a kitten, it was official "we were now cat owners!"€

Since it was initially thought that the kitten was a boy, Aisa's children agreed on a name for him "Melvin. However, after a rocky first night in Aisa's home (which included an emergency visit to the vet for some tummy trouble), Aisa was informed by the vet that "Melvin"€ was actually a Melanie!

"Melanie is so tiny and gets into everything at the house. With the pet-friendly policy at Replacements, I am so lucky to be able to bring her in with me while she's growing,"€ Aisa said. "I have gotten so much help and advice from the fellow cat-lovers in the office. I have also come to realize that it's impossible to simultaneously pet a kitten and feel stress!"€

When asked about working at Replacements, Aisa said, "Replacements is a great place to work. So much is done here to make sure that employees and their pets are cared for."€

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