Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

“Piper” is the latest addition to the family of Wendy Comstock, manager of China, Crystal, and Manufacturer Inventory at Replacements, Ltd. Wendy says the story of how Piper came into their lives is best summed up by a Buddhist proverb: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

According to Wendy, “It was late August, the last week before school started back up. My husband picked up our daughter from summer camp early and offered to take her to lunch anywhere she liked – he was hoping she’d choose a nice restaurant where they could celebrate the last days of summer in style. Instead, she said, ‘Let’s go home for lunch – after all, isn’t the food from home better than food from a restaurant?’ On their route home, he saw something that stopped him in his tracks – a puppy’s face peering out from a drainpipe in the ditch next to the road.”

After seeing the scared, lost pup, Wendy’s husband pulled over and coaxed her out. He discovered she was skin and bones, and had evidently been abandoned near the woods. Wendy’s daughter said, “We need to keep her, and call her Piper because we found her in a pipe!”

Over the next few weeks, Wendy and her family nursed Piper back to health, and more than ever she realized how fortunate they were that she could take advantage of the pet policy at Replacements, Ltd. “Because we are able to bring our pets to work, I was able to be with Piper through the day while she regained her health and strength,” Wendy said. “I’m happy to say she’s now grown to a healthy 18 pounds.”

The results from a DNA test kit showed that Piper is a mix of English Springer Spaniel and Toy Fox Terrier – with a little Golden Retriever thrown in. “Needless to say, her mouth is very busy!” Wendy said. “She has sent our family ‘back to school’ for puppy training, but she has also brought us much joy, and has made many friends within her community of coworkers (two- and four-legged) at Replacements.”

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