Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

"Oscar",€ a one-and-a-half-year-old, tri-color shih tzu, belongs to Blair Kelly, a member of the Replacements, Ltd. purchasing department. “Oscar came into my life when my mother told me her coworker was trying to find homes for a litter of shih tzu puppies," Blair said. "I've had shih tzus all my life, and am very familiar and fond of the breed. My boyfriend and I went to look at the puppies, and by the time we arrived there was just one puppy left Oscar! The second we looked into his eyes, I knew he was meant to go home with us."

Oscar loves going on family walks with Blair and her boyfriend, and also loves coming to work with Blair. "Oscar loves seeing everyone and all the other dogs here. He can hear me type in my passwords, and knows exactly when our break and lunch times are!"€ Blair said. According to Blair, when her boyfriend isn't working, Oscar gets to have "Daddy Doggie" day with him at home they both love it! Oscar also loves to watch "The Andy Griffith Show," and will sit up to watch the TV when he hears the opening theme music.

When asked what she most likes about the Replacements, Ltd. pet-friendly policy, Blair said, "I am so grateful to Replacements for allowing us to bring our pets to work. Oscar is a huge part of my family, and I don't have to worry about him being alone all day while I'm at work. Having him beside me while I work really does brighten my day. Oscar loves the attention when coworkers visit too!"

When asked what she thinks about Replacements in general, Blair said, "I love working here! The diversity, friendly work environment, and commitment to our community all make me proud to be part of the Replacements family."

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