Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

“Sophie” is a beautiful four-month-old, black and tan Cavalier King Charles spaniel who belongs to Justin Adviento, a purchasing agent at Replacements, Ltd. Justin and his girlfriend found Sophie through a breeder out of Charlotte, NC who specializes in black and tan and ruby-colored Cavalier spaniels.

“Sophie is an absolute ball of energy!” Justin said. “She loves going on walks, chewing up pig ears and her bone (she’s teething!), and she becomes a ferocious little thing when playing tug of war with a rope. Sophie is very social and likes to meet new people and animals – she will greet you with plenty of licks, and will try to sit in your lap.” At home, Justin’s roommates have a cat named “Nala.” According to Justin, Sophie and Nala love to play, they can routinely be seen chasing each other around the apartment.

“The Cavalier breed is renowned for being an intelligent breed, and Sophie is taking training very well,” Justin said. “She is crate-trained and house-trained, and Sophie can sit, stay, and come on command. Of course, since Sophie is still a loving and energetic puppy, she gets excited when she sees new people and all the training is out the window!”

When asked what he most likes about the Replacements, Ltd. pet-friendly policy, Justin said, “The fact that Replacements has a pet-friendly policy played a major role in my decision to become a dog owner. I would not have Sophie if the company did not have this policy. As well as being an employee at Replacements, I am a full time student at UNCG. Having the convenience of being allowed to bring my dog to work has made day-to-day scheduling much easier, and having Sophie with me at work is a great stress reliever.”

When asked what he thinks about Replacements in general, Justin said, “Replacements in general is a great company to work for, and Sophie thinks Replacements is a great place to hang out with her daddy away from home.”

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