Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

This month we feature "Rex,"€ a beautiful black lab puppy. Rex belongs to Brad Newton, a member of our Online Marketing team who has been with Replacements since December of 1996. Rex joins an eleven-year-old black lab named " Zeus"€ and a three-year-old golden retriever named " Dios."€

"We had just lost 'Cooper,' our twelve-year-old golden retriever, and because Zeus is elderly, we wanted to make sure Dios had a playmate closer in age to him,"€ Brad said. "We got Rex the day he turned eight weeks old. It's now ten weeks later, and Rex is growing like a weed!"€

According to Brad, Dios and Rex have become best friends. "Rex wears Dios out and vice versa. We can put them in the back yard and they will play for hours,"€ Brad said. Rex recently made his first trip to Brad's parent's lake house, and a beach trip is in the very near future. "Rex is a total water dog " the very first thing he did when we got to the lake was run and dive off the boat dock. He now has a plastic kiddie pool in the back yard that he enjoys splashing around in," Brad said.

Brad believes the Replacements, Ltd. pet policy is just one of the neat benefits the company offers employees. "Having a pet-friendly work environment is great stress relief,"€ Brad says. "I am also proud to be part of Replacements' commitment to community service and its continued dedication to workplace equality. We're truly one of the most progressive companies in North Carolina."

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