Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

Melanie is a little over one year old now, and she certainly has grown! "Although she's still very playful, she spends a lot her time sunning and sleeping," Aisa said. "My daughter is away at college, and Melanie misses her so much – I can tell because Melanie's favorite spot now is in my daughter's room on her bed. When my son is at home and on his computer she also likes to sit near him. However, I suspect this is mostly because Melanie enjoys how warm the computer is!"

Melanie and Aisa Turman "Melanie" and Aisa Turman

When asked what she likes most about the pet policy at Replacements, Aisa said, "Although I haven’t brought Melanie into the office since she has gotten older, the pet policy here allowed me to bring her with me when she was a small kitten so I could keep an eye on her when she was too young to leave at home by herself. The pet policy here is just one reason I’m glad to be a part of the Replacements family."

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