Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

Our Featured Pet this month is "Rosa," a former stray cat who has been adopted by Tamera Gethers, a member of Replacements Ltd.'s Human Resources department. "Rosa came into my life last September, when I noticed a stray cat snooping around the neighborhood. Being the pushover that I am for kittens and cats, I began to leave a little food outside on my steps in the hopes that she would find it. The food always disappeared, but I never had the opportunity to see if the stray cat was eating it every time. Finally, in late October, I caught her in the act "eating as if it would be the last meal of her life! She was so skittish at this point that she would run away whenever I tried to get close to her."

After another month of consistent visits, Tamera began to refer to the stray cat as "Outside Kitty Witty." Tamera said, "As Outside Kitty Witty watched me from a distance, I would talk to her lovingly and move very gingerly in hopes of gaining her trust. But she would still make sure I was back inside the house before she would dare come up to eat. Slowly but surely, she began to trust me and would come up while I prepared her food, but still would not let me touch her. However, I was able to get close enough to determine that Outside Kitty Witty was indeed a girl."

"By December, she would arrive on the porch at the same time each day for both breakfast and dinner," Tamera said. "Since it was winter, I worried about her safety in the cold. However, my cats, King Aristotle and Prince Napoleon, would have no part of her coming inside their castle! So I created a warm habitat on our front porch for her. She was so resistant to coming inside that I thought she was going to freeze to death. Then one day I pulled in the driveway and she popped out of her new home! I was so excited that she finally sought refuge in the home I made for her, and that her trust level continued to increase. Soon enough, she began to let me pet her, and the way that she would purr and purr made it clear that affection was something she knew nothing of."

At this point, Tamera decided Outside Kitty Witty needed a real name, and determined that "Rosa" fit her perfectly. "It's been almost a year since Rosa began coming around, and I now consider her a part of the family -€but don't tell Aristotle and Napoleon! The neighbors love her because Rosa is truly an 'outdoors' cat - she takes care of rats and lizards, and guards her turf. Each day I spend time outside with her. We talk and play, but she still doesn't like being picked up. I enjoy the time Rosa and I spend together, and I hope she chooses to stay around for years to come."

When asked about the pet policy at Replacements, Tamera said, "Replacements, Ltd. offers a pet policy that makes it so convenient to care for our pets, and even bring them along for the workday. Rosa has never been here, but thanks to our pet-friendly policy, Napoleon joined me at work for about a month, and Aristotle spent the first three months of his life on the job. Overall, Replacements is a great place to work. I've been employed here for more than eleven years, and during that time I have grown in my career and made many wonderful friends!"

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