Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

Our Featured Pet this month is “Chloe,” an 11-month-old Boxer/Pitbull mix who belongs to Drew Smith, a member of the phone sales department at Replacements, Ltd. Drew first met Chloe when coworker Steve Hyatt brought her into work to find a home for her. Steve had discovered Chloe abandoned in his neighborhood one morning after having been in the rain all night. When nobody in the neighborhood claimed Chloe, Steve decided to try to find a home for her at Replacements.

“Having never been a pet owner before, I was a little hesitant when Steve brought Chloe in,” Drew said. “But I told him I could watch her for the weekend.” The plan was for Drew to return her the following Monday, but things obviously didn’t quite work out that way!

“The first night I took her home, my girlfriend bought her an outfit to wear and a basket full of treats. Needless to say, I knew she wasn’t going anywhere after that!” Drew said. Drew describes Chloe as having the most energy of any dog he has ever seen. “But, she is also very loyal and sweet, and loves everyone she meets,” Drew said.

Although Chloe doesn’t come to work with Drew, he still appreciates Replacements’ pet-friendly policy. “I think the pet policy is a great and unique benefit that more companies should provide. I see how happy everyone seems by having their pets around. Chloe is still just a little on the wild side right now so I’m unable to bring her to work, but hopefully in the near future I’ll be able to bring her in.”

When asked how he feels about working at Replacements in general, Drew said, “I think Replacements is a great place to work. It’s a very open-minded workplace, with great benefits and a great purpose. This has by far been the best place I have ever worked, and hopefully will continue to work for many more years!”

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