Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

Our Featured Pet this month is "Thor," a Doberman Pinscher puppy who belongs to Drew Smith, a member of the phone sales department at Replacements, Ltd. "After researching which breed would be the perfect dog for me, I decided on a Doberman Pinscher," Drew said. "I was looking for a loyal, smart, and playful dog. And also for a dog that would be a good guard dog. My other dog, ' Chloe,' is a ball of energy, so I needed a dog who can keep up with her. I found the perfect dog in Thor."

Thor is now a little more than four months old, and already weighs more than 50 pounds (and is growing by the day!). "I think the first thing people notice about Thor is his paws – he has the biggest paws for his size I have ever seen," Drew said. "He is starting to grow into them now, but for a while there he was pretty clumsy!"

Although Drew was apprehensive about how Thor and Chloe would interact, within a few days he had an answer: they get along great! "They were best friends from the very start – they are constantly chasing and playing with each other. You can give both the same exact toy, but Thor always wants Chloe’s, so they will fight for the toy and run for hours, only stopping for water and food."

Although Thor doesn’t come to work with Drew, he still appreciates Replacements’ pet-friendly policy. "I love the pet policy at work, and hopefully, once my dogs calm down, I can take full advantage of it. My dogs always seem to make my day better, so it would be very nice to have them at work with me also."

When asked how he feels about working at Replacements in general, Drew said, "Replacements is such a great place to work, and I have enjoyed my time here so far. It’s a great environment, and I feel very fortunate to be here."

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