Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

“Hennessey” is an adorable Chihuahua who is the pride and joy of her owner, Melissa Ward, a Phone Sales agent at Replacements, Ltd. Melissa said, “My husband bought Hennessey for me nine years ago, and she has been the best friend I could ever have. Since my husband passed away two years ago she has been with me every step of the way. When she sees that I’m sad she cuddles up real close and comforts me.”

According to Melissa, if Hennessey is on her desk and you want to pet her, you should be prepared to offer her a treat first! If she’s not on Melissa’s desk, Hennessey will be friendly and let you pet her (although it doesn’t hurt to offer her a treat then either). Melissa also said, “My daughter got a Boxador about seven months ago named ‘Chilly,’ and she loves being around Hennessey. However, Hennessey growls at Chilly all the time – it’s really funny watching them interact!”

When asked what she likes most about the Replacements pet policy, Melissa said, “I absolutely love the pet-friendly policy, because I get to bring my princess to work and she doesn’t have to stay home alone. It always makes people happy to see Hennessey here – she has lots of aunts and uncles in the building!”

When asked about working at Replacements in general, Melissa said, “I think Replacements is an amazing place to work. I love my job and am actually happy to come to work. Too many people I know complain about their jobs, so I am blessed to be surrounded by happy, amazing people and pets.”

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