Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

This month we feature a playful German Shepherd named “Bella.” This beautiful dog belongs to Laurie Oliver who has been with Replacements, Ltd. since 1993. Currently, Laurie works as a member of our purchasing team.

Laurie adopted Bella from a local animal shelter two-and-a-half years ago when Bella was four years old. Since then, Bella has been a terrific companion, although Laurie says Bella does suffer from an addiction to toys. “My house is always littered with tons of toys,” Laurie said. “Unlike some dogs, Bella actually loves it when I vacuum because that’s when I find all the toys that she has misplaced throughout the house!”

Although Laurie describes the energetic Bella as “too much of a handful” to bring into work very often, she still appreciates the Replacements Ltd. pet-friendly policy. “I love our pet-friendly policy. Being able to bring our pets to work is a wonderful way to let them know that we love them.”

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