Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

When Melonie Penn, a supervisor in the Replacements, Ltd. Internet Services department, first met "Sambuca-Jane", it was pretty much love at first sight. "I volunteer and foster with the Merit Pit Bull Foundation, and last summer they were trying to find a foster home for a six-year-old retired search and rescue dog named Sambuca. My partner and I quickly volunteered to foster her and made the two-hour drive to pick her up. We fell in love with her before we even made it back to the interstate coming home!" Melonie said.

"We decided to call her Sambuca-Jane, because all fur-kids need at least two names," Melonie said. "She is an American Bulldog mix whose previous family had rescued her as a puppy and later trained her as a search and rescue dog. She completed several successful missions, including saving a young boy, before being attacked by a wild animal while working. She still bears the physical scars from this career-ending attack."

According to Melonie, Sambuca-Jane has acclimated well to her home. "She won over our 'princess-minded' Blue Heeler mix 'Nike&rsquo', she gives our young American Staffordshire boy 'Ianto' a run for his kibble, and, despite not being exposed to cats before moving in to our home, she made quick friends and snuggle buddies with little 'Toshiko'," Melonie said. "She has adorable quirks like 'needing' to crawl under the covers when she gets to sleep in the bed, and she has the most soothing snore. However, she can occasionally be caught sleeping and snoring with her eyes open, which we still find a bit creepy!"

Sambuca-Jane and Nike both joined Melonie this year for Bring Your Pet to Work Day, and each has joined her separately numerous times. "Sambuca-Jane's favorite thing about coming to work is all the treats she gets during the day," Melonie said. "We take every opportunity to remind our 'kids' to mind their manners, and tasty treats combined with a bustling workplace, new people, and doors at which to sit patiently make this a great training environment."

When asked about Replacements' pet-friendly policy, Melonie said, "I love our pet policy because it gives me the opportunity to stay connected with my fur-kids, and even allows me to temporarily look after other dogs in the rescue when their foster parents' work schedules wouldn't allow them to."

Melonie added, "The caring, compassion, and support that Replacements, Ltd. extends to its employees are astounding. Seeing and hearing the ways we touch our customers' lives on a daily basis is inspiring."

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