Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

"Helen," "Kitty," and "Snapper" live with Cynthia Graham, a member of the Internet Services team at Replacements, Ltd. All three cats were once strays, living under cars and not knowing from where their next meal might come. But for the past 13 years, feline sisters Helen and Kitty have lived like royalty in Cynthia’s home, and for nine of those years they have shared their lives with Snapper, their male companion. "A tough day for them now might be defined as only having limited sunshine to sunbathe in, or a rainy day with no sunshine at all," Cynthia said. "On those days, they generally make their own sunshine by playing with ponytail holders or errant shoelaces."

According to Cynthia, Helen is definitely the queen of the house. She’s also very happy to "talk" to anyone who’s willing to have a conversation with her. "Once awakened, you can't put that genie back in the bottle!" Cynthia said. "Helen will follow you from room to room ‘talking,’ and only an occasional ‘oh really?’ or ‘wow’ is needed from you to keep her going."

Kitty loves the upper elevations of mantles, bookshelves, and kitchen cabinets. "She enjoys performing a trick she came up with all on her own, whereby she will jump from one chair to the next with only your hand pointing as her guide. Kitty’s a bit obsessive about this trick, and never wants to stop after just one or two jumps. If you do stop pointing out the next place for her to jump, she’ll follow you and jump up on something in front of you as if to say, ‘Okay, let's do it again’! Kitty also has a gravelly voice that resembles that of a three-pack-a-day smoker, but I can assure you she has never smoked a day in her life!" Cynthia said.

Snapper is the youngest of the three, and he admires Cynthia’s husband to the point of – well you wouldn't believe it if you saw it! "Snapper’s attachment to my husband is such that he will follow him like a dog anywhere, anytime. If my husband enters the room, or Snapper just hears him talking, he runs to the room and maintains eye contact with him the entire time. It is really spooky sometimes, because Snapper doesn't just glance – he stares! Snapper also loves to bathe in a weird, reclined position. I used to accuse my husband of posing him that way until I came upon him like that one day with no support, taking a bath."

When asked what she liked most about the Replacements, Ltd. pet-friendly policy, Cynthia said, "There are days when I would love to have all three of our cats with me at work, but I can only imagine Helen talking someone's ear off, while Kitty jumps from cubicle to cubicle, and Snapper pines for his daddy! Each day when I arrive home from work, all three of the cats sniff me and can tell I have been with other pets – there are times when they even hiss at the clothes in the dirty laundry hamper!"

When asked how she feels about working at Replacements in general, Cynthia said, "I love working at Replacements, not just because of the pet-friendly policy, but because it is truly a ‘people-friendly’ place, too! In the three short years I’ve been working here, I have grown to appreciate the sense of community, and I feel fortunate to work alongside some pretty amazing folks."

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