Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

Our featured pet this month is "Ghost," a stocky pit bull who lives with Jim Meredith, I.T. Manager at Replacements, Ltd. Jim and his family love animals of all sorts, and over the years their menagerie has included ferrets, cats, dogs, hermit crabs, and frogs. Ghost currently shares his home with "Abbie" (a chow mix adopted from a shelter), and five adopted stray cats: "Buttercup," "Melange," "Panther," "Sunshine," and "Val."

Ghost entered Jim's life in May, 2008 as a roadside stray. At first, he would not let anyone approach him, but over a period of several weeks of twice daily visits when they brought food and water, Jim and volunteers from the community nearby began to win Ghost's trust. Finally, the day came in June 2008 when Jim coaxed Ghost into his car and took him home, where Ghost has since lived “happily ever after."

According to Jim, Ghost gets along well with Abbie and all the cats – except Val. "Val is a cranky kitty who believes it is better to attack dogs than to be friendly. Consequently, Ghost and Val must always be kept separated,” Jim said. Ghost's favorite activity is riding to work with Jim, which he does frequently. His second favorite activity is sleeping, but he also loves going for walks on a leash and playing "rough and tumble" with Abbie. Ghost is very sweet with people and spends each night sleeping beside the bed of Jim's ten-year-old daughter.

When asked how he feels about working at Replacements, Ltd., Jim said, "I have been here over twenty years, and I love the company and the people who work here. I am proud to be part of a company whose employees and management not only love animals and care about each other, but also give back to the larger community through financial generosity and volunteer programs."

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