Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

Our featured pet this month is "Piglet," an adorable Jack Russell mix who belongs to Amanda Womack, a Buy Price Methodology Coordinator at Replacements, Ltd. “Before Pig - that's what I call her most of the time, or 'The Pig' - was named Piglet, her name was Daisy,” Amanda said. “When she was six months old, Pig was rescued from a home where she lived with dogs much larger than her, which meant she had to be pushy to get a full meal. I renamed her Piglet not because of her curly swine tail, but because she is so hungry for everything! Her appetite for love and snacks is endless,” Amanda said.

Piglet belongs to a large family that includes Amanda's wife, two dog sisters - a husky mix named “Liza” and a coyote mix named “Tess” - and a cat named “Kismet.” “Pig is six years old now, and has made up plenty for how skinny she was when I first got her,” Amanda said. “Her favorite things include breakfast and dinner, lying in the sun, snuggles, and burrowing inside piles of blankets. However, she doesn't like fireworks, drums, and birds that are in her yard.”

When asked what she most likes about the Replacements, Ltd. pet policy, Amanda said, “I love Replacements' pet policy because it gives me the ability to have special one-on-one days with the pups periodically. Having pets in the workplace is fun, and you never know which furry employees you will encounter during your day. The policy has allowed my wife and me to foster very young puppies from the shelter, which is how we ended up with Liza.”

When asked about working at Replacements in general, Amanda said, “Replacements is a very inclusive business to work within, and the company really embraces who you truly are. Owner Bob Page's work in the community, as well as his support for same-sex marriage legislation, has a direct and positive effect on the rights of LGTB individuals all over the state. We are very thankful for this, since my new wife and I were able to marry this past fall in our home state. Without Replacements and Bob Page it could have been years before we would have been able to get married here.”

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