Replacements, Ltd.

Featured Pet (and Pet Owner)

Our featured pet this month is "Zaney," a beautiful black cat who belongs to Leslie Blake, an Associate Buyer at Replacements, Ltd. "Many years ago, when we had to put our older cat down for health reasons, my daughter begged to get a new cat immediately," Leslie said. "I said yes, of course, but let's not look right away - I knew the perfect cat would eventually find its way to us when the time was right."

That summer, Leslie's daughter 'just happened' to find employment at a veterinary clinic, where one day a man came in hoping to find a home for some kittens he found in his barn. "Of course, one of the kittens he brought in, a little black one, was just what my daughter ordered," Leslie said. "However, we had to take her back to the vet a few days later because we found puncture wounds on her back. Obviously, this kitten was rescued from the barn just in time to save her from unknown predators! With just a little bit of attention from the vet, she was fine."

"My daughter decided to name her Zaney, because she truly is a little zany," Leslie said. "She 'talks' to us all the time and always gets the last word. Our vet informed us that she is part Persian, which explains why she's as talkative as she is!" The vet also explained to Leslie that Zaney's fur color is called smoke; it appears black on the surface but is white underneath.

According to Leslie, Zaney's favorite pastime is to sit on a chair and "talk" to the birds at the feeder just outside the window of their breakfast room. "I'm sure she believes they come just to see her," Leslie said. "She could carry on a conversation forever with her feathered friends."

"Her favorite cat bed, of many around the house, is on top of a tall bookcase," Leslie said. "She jumps onto a desk first, then up to the top of the bookcase where she knows she can nap undisturbed. Even at the age of 13, she still loves her high perch."

When asked what she most likes about working at Replacements and the company's pet-friendly policy, Leslie said, "Being able to have pets in the workplace promotes the feeling of 'family', and provides a way for employees to connect with each other on a more personal level. I have worked at Replacements for 15 years, and one of the things I admire most about the company is its strong involvement in the community. Many people don't realize how many charitable organizations Replacements supports, while also providing its employees with the opportunity to participate in this outreach. I believe the atmosphere of diversity, acceptance, and compassion at Replacements is unmatched by any other company."

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