Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

Melonie Penn, a supervisor in the Replacements, Ltd. Internet Services department, adopted Gwen Cooper (or "Cooper" for short) in the summer of 2012. "My partner and I had discussed getting a new cat shortly after we moved into our new home, and couldn't miss the opportunity to add Cooper to our family," Melonie said. "We didn't know much about her life before she came to us, but we knew we could give her a fresh start." Melonie estimates that Cooper is about six years old, and says she has a ton of love to share.

Melonie said, "Cooper's very gentle and sweet. When she first came to live with us, she was inquisitive and even occasionally loving toward our cattle dog 'Nike'. But as our family grew to include another cat, a Pit Bull mix, an American Bulldog, and the occasional foster dog, Cooper has made the upstairs her favorite place in the house. It's the only spot where she can get away from all those nosy dogs!" Cooper's favorite trick is to hop onto Melonie's back while she's bent over, and she'll stay perched there as long as she can get away with it. "She's such a funny girl, and gives great massages!" Melonie said.

When asked about Replacements' pet-friendly policy, Melonie said, "One of my favorite aspects of the pet policy is that it allows both my personal pets and foster pets to spend time with me at work. Our animals provide us with such great comfort and stress relief. I love having that opportunity for myself and seeing the emotional boost that our pets give to others."

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