Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

Our featured pet this month is "Buck," a rambunctious Beagle/Rat Terrier mix who belongs to Jennipher Isley, Coordinator of Customer Service Training at Replacements, Ltd. "Buck was a Christmas gift for my stepson in 2012," Jennipher said. "We all went to the pound to pick him out, and as soon as we saw him we all fell in love. Once we got him out of the kennel and on the leash, we couldn’t imagine leaving him there."

On the drive home, Jennipher’s stepson decided they should name the dog Buck, although at the time they had no idea how perfect a name it would be for this full-of-energy dog! "His full name is actually "Buck Wild Isley’ which fits him perfectly," Jennipher said.

Buck’s favorite pastimes include chasing a ball, removing the squeakers from his toys in record time, and snuggling in laps. "Buck has learned several words, including 'ball' – when we need him to bring a ball for us to throw, all we have to do is ask!" Jennipher said. "As soon as he gets any new toy he takes out the squeaker, which is actually OK with us because then we don’t have to turn the TV up to hear it over the squeaks. I believe his favorite activity is snuggling in our laps – he makes a great nap buddy!"

Since becoming part of Jennipher’s family, their cat, " Purty," has let Buck know that she is in charge. "Buck tries really hard to let Purty know all he wants to do is play, but she is just not interested," Jennipher said. Buck also likes to bark a lot, which is one of the reasons Jennipher hasn’t brought him to work with her yet, but she does hope to bring him in soon. "One of the great things about working at Replacements is having the flexibility to bring our four-legged friends with us, whether it’s every day or just for a visit," Jennipher said.

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