Featured Pet (and Pet Owner!)

Our featured pet this month is "Browny," a handsome smooth-haired Dachshund, who has been under the care of Mark Donahue, a marketing analyst for Replacements, Ltd. Browny spent three months staying with his "Uncle Mark" while his owner was in Bogota D.C., Colombia to care for her father, and her son was away for his freshman year of college in Wilmington, NC. Since Browny could not tag along with either family member, Mark quickly agreed to be his caregiver in the interim.

"At first, Browny was very nervous and shy with his family gone, but he started to come out of his shell when I brought him to work with me each day," Mark said. "All the attention Browny received from my coworkers and their pets did wonders to help build his confidence. He became quite relaxed and enjoyed walking around the warehouse so he could get petted or offered the occasional treat. Browny feels very welcome here."

Browny also loves to ride in the car and venture out with "Uncle Mark" to go shopping at pet-friendly businesses. "I lost count of how many times Browny got compliments on how handsome and friendly he was. Children always asked if they could pet him, and he was more than happy to let them," Mark observed.

"Replacements, Ltd. is a friendly place to work in general, and the pet-friendly policy helps create an ideal environment for pets like Browny. The best part is that we have a great big lawn out front where pets can run and play," noted Mark. "Browny is welcome here any time, and I hope to bring him back for future visits."

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